How To Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

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How To Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

Today’s bridesmaids want to look and feel great as they lead you down the aisle. I think to expect all your bridesmaids to look the same on your day is a big ask these days. The fact is we all come in different shapes and sizes and a dress that looks amazing on a size two will most likely look different on a size twenty. So what can you do. Here’s a few points on How To Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy without offending anybody.

Budget: The number one issue is money. As a bride it is only natural that you want your bridesmaids to look great on your wedding day but please bear in mind that not everyone can afford designer labels unless if you have  rich bridesmaids. Be clear and  honest about the cost of the dresses you have in mind and and if they can’t afford to purchase them try to look for similar dresses in their price range.

Choice: I have said it once and I will say it again. Give them a choice. Let them choose their hair and makeup styles, give them more options with accessories like shoes and jewellery.For dresses  select  a color palette/scheme and  explain to them the type of dress that you desire  for them to wear or similar to what you envision them in,  for instance long or short dresses, with or without sleeves, ask them to go  shopping or accompany them but be careful not to be too critical, remember the goal is to get them to choose their own dresses. This way everyone is happy.

Comfort: OK this one will also apply to the bride, make sure your bridesmaids are comfortable and able to move in their dresses, a tight dress will cause discomfort and leave your  bridesmaids in a floppy mood all day and night.

Practicality: It is so important to allow your  bridesmaids to choose something that is wearable again and again, especially if they are paying for their own dresses and accessories.

Don’t be too demanding( Bridezilla): your bridesmaids have a life beyond your wedding, remember to always be thankful for their time and efforts in helping with the wedding. A few small inexpensive gifts wouldn’t go amiss. Its the little things that count.

One last note: keep them happy that way they will go out of their way to make sure you have a perfect day. I hope this post has been helpful for you, don’t forget to leave a comment or suggestion in the box below.

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