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How To Light Up Your Wedding

How To Light Up Your Wedding

I was given a mammoth task of lighting a venue for about R700, for a glamorous surprise birthday party. My first thought was to use as many candles as I can, however, the venue does not allow candles. 🙁 I’m still trying to find ways of how to do it. But at the moment, I’m finding the task very challenging. I think the realistic approach is to use balloons with lights. To be honest, I can’t bear to use them because the light fades very quickly but it looks as though there aren’t any other options. Shuu! I’ll tell you how I get on in the next couple of weeks.

Whilst I was busy trying to come up with ideas for the party venue (it needs a lot of work), I came across gorgeous inspirations which I think you can use to light up your wedding.

Use all types of candles: Floating, pillar, taper, tea lights, you name them. Use them everywhere in clear glass vases in different sizes and shapes. If the cost of candles is way too expensive (yes, not all candles are cheap) for you, just use 200-300 tea lights candles. I promise your venue will look magical.How To Light Up Your WeddingHow To Light Up Your Wedding
Professional lighting: By far the most expensive form to light up your wedding. But the results are amazing. Unfortunately, this form of lighting needs designers to assemble and doing it yourself will cost you more money, so it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Look for an affordable decorating company that is inclusive of lighting.How To Light Up Your WeddingHow To Light Up Your WeddingHow To Light Up Your WeddingHow To Light Up Your Wedding

Spring Lights: Also called Christmas Light
What? Christmas lights, to light up a wedding! Yes, my dears. String lights look amazing when assembled well. The best part is; they are ridiculously affordable. If you buy them a week or so after Christmas, you would have saved yourself a ton of cash. You can have them hanging from the ceiling to the tables. Hang them as in a tent form just like in the picture below, or wrap them around a few branches. And vala! An expensive looking centerpiece on a budget.How To Light Up Your Weddingsptring lights wedding ceremony7How To Light Up Your WeddingImages from the top Colin Cowie, The Knot and Pinterest

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