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How To Pull Off a Charming Engagement

proposing-ideasMorning Precious One!  It’s all about popping THE question on the blog today. We all know that the most meaningful engagements are personal and well thought of. Today’s post is aimed at giving tips and ideas to all the brothers out there who are contemplating proposing.

It seems an easy thing to do but I can assure you, its not. So what can a guy do to pull off a memorable engagement. Below are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • How about whisking her off to Paris. Yes brothers Paris, it doesn’t get anymore romantic than that. Whether you choose to propose on top of the Eiffel tower or below it, it really would not matter, she will absolutely have goose bumps.eiffel tower proposal
  • Take her to her favorite restaurant and ask the chef to prepare something special on the menu just for her.
  • If she is not too fussy and likes pizza, why not deliver an empty  pizza box with a diamond ring in it and write something like  “share forever with me” on the top inner part of the box.
  • Or getting a big banner with these words ” Be Mrs (your surname) so she know its real” draped on the side of a really tall building.
  • If you know she likes sports cars, why not hire one for the day and take  a long drive in the country. Stop in the middle of nowhere, hopefully you will be surrounded by mountains and beautiful  countryside views.
  • If you know she is shy and wouldn’t appreciate an engagement in-front of many people then cook her a romantic candle lite dinner.
  • You can also organize a  picnic , put delicious finger food,wine and dessert in your basket, Oh don’t forget the music, maybe a song that’s special to both of you. Don’t ask her straight away, wait a bit and just before you go tell her how you feel and then pop the question.
  • Get a street singer to sing “Will you marry me?” as you walk pass ask her if she hears what he is singing. Then drop to one knee and pop the question.
  • If  she loves flowers  you could get about fifty to hundred friends to each deliver one stem of her favorite flower in white and then you could deliver the last flower in her favorite color. When she opens the door go down on one knee and ask.
  • If  you have a healthy budget, you can present her with a thousand roses.
  • Or simply just bestow her with a photo book of all the memories you created since you’ve been dating
  • If money is no object, hire a band ,choir or orchestra and get them to perform in a location that means something to both of you  and ask the lead singer or director to announce that you have a question for her( remember to ask him to say her full name) then drop on one knee and ask. I’m sure she will be impressed with your efforts.
  • Mob dancers are another great example. Check out the video below.

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  1. Charmaine Masilo says:

    proposal video is on point.

  2. Obakeng says:

    Wow Wow m gonna save this post for my man. He has no excuses shame! Interesting indeed. Will view the video later! Nice one Ika.

    1. Ika says:

      Thanks Obakeng, hopefully he will propose soon, best of luck

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