How To Style Your Wedding On A Budget

Christmas Lights
Hanging Christmas lights anywhere in your venue/tent will instantly put a wow factor on your decor. Don’t be afraid to hang them in corners, on beams and you can even put a bit of greenery on your tables with a string of Christmas lights and viola, beautiful decor without breaking the bank.

How To Style Your Wedding On A Budget

Line Of Photos As A Couple
Ok, this one can be a feature at your wedding. Print out photos of your love story (it doesn’t have to be fancy photos, it could easily be selfies that you have taken together as a couple). Take a rope and turn it into a washing line. Take a peg and pin the photos onto the line. And maybe put the cake somewhere near. This will give your guests something to talk about and it’s a fun way to add your personality to your day.

Decorate With Food
Have your caterer display the food in a creative way. Buffet style dinner will work perfectly with this idea. They can use beautiful containers to display food, jars of sweets for dessert and much more. Think outside the box here, possibilities are endless.

Add Candles
If you’ve been following Bontle Bride for a while then you’ll know how much I’ve preached about having candles as part of your decor. With candles as part of your decor, you’ll have a romantic atmosphere at your wedding especially if the reception is after 5pm. Make sure to check with your venue before buying your candles, some venues won’t allow you to use them because of insurance purposes. In that case, just buy artificial ones. Think about getting artificial candles on Ali express.

Go Free. What do you mean by this? I mean look around you. What can you use in your decor that you already have at home? A little spray paint goes a long way. I promise you, tomato crates lined and filled with manure with flowers and greenery used as a table runner will do wonders for your decor.

Balloons: I know a lot of you might be rolling your eyes at the thought of using balloons however Pinterest is full of gorgeous balloon decor that will blow your mind.

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