Inspirational Monday: Nelson Mandela

Hello my preciousness, I have wrestled with myself whether or not to write this post.  This post has nothing to do with weddings but it would be unfortunate for me not to write it. After all, I am South African. I know that all the major newspapers and the news channels have just about covered everything about the life and death of Nelson Mandela. But I wanted to tell the  story from my point of view and what it really means to me as an individual.

To many the Nelson Mandela story is courageous and  inspiring and yes it is that for me too but can I go deeper. Had it not been for the selfless acts of this remarkable man many of us wouldn’t have been allowed access to a better education, the freedom to vote, be called all kinds of  names, be classified as a second class citizens, etc…

So for that  Tata we at Pure Pearls Luxury Events salute you for your extraordinary contribution to a liberated South Africa. Lala ngoxolo Tata(may your soul rest in peace).We will forever be grateful for your persistence, determination and a made up mind no matter the cost for freedom. Amandla Awethu..

A big thank you to Soweto Gospel choir for this moving tribute in the video below


With a Joyful Heart



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