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Jeans At Weddings, Are They Really That Bad?

Jeans At Weddings

This post was inspired by conversation I was watching on the Wright staff show on channel 5. They were talking about whether or not it’s acceptable to wear Jeans at weddings as guests. A lot of people phoned in and basically said they wouldn’t wear jeans at weddings. However many were on the fence about it and someone actually blamed jeans for the breakage of his marriage. Which is a bit strange. Personally I think unless it’s stated on the invite I’d stay well away from demin.

Jeans At WeddingsI thought about our wedding. My brother and two of my uncles wore jeans on our day. I was okay with it I think, NO! I wasn’t but I didn’t mention it least I hurt their feeling and be condemned by the entire family FOREVER. A position I never ever want to find myself in. I’m not sure what was going through their minds as they were getting dressed that day. Not only did they wear jeans, my brother wore converse trainers and my uncle completed his awesome look with a cap (can you believe it). I remember someone making a slight remark about their dress code. I just wish they’d made more of an effort.

So are jeans really that bad? YES! They are. Think about the time it takes to plan a wedding. A lot of hard work and effort goes into it. If in doubt, take a close look at the invitation. Check the way it’s written. The type of paper used, the way the invite is worded, is it formal or casual, the calligraphy on it. If it’s luxurious then there’s your answer. Stay well clear of demin.

Jeans At WeddingsIf after checking the invite you’re still not clear about what to wear, just dress smartly. At weddings it’s much better to be over dressed rather than under dressed. If you must; ask their planner or close relative. Never ask the couple themselves, they’ll be under enough stress as it is, it’d be a crime to add to it.

I can understand jeans at a street dance wedding; even then I feel that traditional clothing would be better. A wedding is a momentous occasions that will be remembered forever; so please do make an effort. The only exception which would make me tolerate jeans at weddings would be if the couple is also wearing jeans. I’ve only ever seen this once, at a Las Vegas drunken spur of the moment kind of wedding. Most of those weddings are annulled after the participants sober up. So they don’t count.

A few more clothing which I think are hideous at weddings. Caps, t-shirts, trainers, leather jackets.

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