Julia And Thabang’s Multicultural Wedding

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Julia And Thabang’s Multicultural Wedding makes my heart skip a beat. Julia is one smart bride. I say that because when the wedding day came and things didn’t work out as planned, she ignored it all. She chose to be happy and rejoiced in the significant moments that were happening in her life. She didn’t allow the disappointment of professionals who were supposed to help her steal the joy of being a bride. I think the moral of the story here is to choose vendors who are capable of executing your vision. And if things do go wrong, ignore it all and enjoy your day.

If there’s one thing I’m certain of; is the fact that Xhosa brides are super creative with their traditional outfits. Julia broke tradition a little and went for a modernised look that is becoming the norm in traditional weddings. Below she shares their journey. ENJOY!

The Love Story
We met at Nedbank, I went in to do an inquiry on a business account my friends and I had. He assisted us with the inquiry, I then saw him the second time when I went to do my personal banking, he assisted me again. We started chatting and I remember thinking I liked his work ethic. A few months later we met again through a mutual friend and his colleague. I heard from my friend that he had a crush on me and asked for my number, I decided to give him my email address instead, so we started chatting via emails for about two months and I was impressed by his intelligence and humour. After the two months, we exchanged numbers and he finally gathered the courage to ask me out which I agreed to and it was the beginning of the rest of our lives together.

The Proposal
He sent me an email very early in the morning telling me about that he had a life changing decision and he has spoken to his parents about it and they are very happy with it, at this point, I did not think it had anything to do with me, let alone a proposal. He asked to meet up with me later that day so he can share his plans, I agreed. After work he came to my house we sat in his car chatting but I could see he was not himself. I was concerned and asked if everything was ok, he replied yes all is well but he could not utter a word. I decided to end the conversation. I said my goodbyes and got out of the car he drove off. I got into the house very confused so a few minutes later I called him to find out if he was okay and he then told me he was driving back to my house because he needed to speak to me. At that point, I was very worried about what he was going to say. He came back as I got into the car, he asked me not to say a word until he was done speaking. He then told me how much he loved me and could not see himself with no other women besides me, that I was everything he ever wanted in a partner. He then asked me to be his wife. I was shocked because we had not spoken about it before and we had only been dating for a year and couple of months and I told him that. He replied by saying that it does not take long to know when you have met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. He knew it when we started dating. “ You got me at hello,” he said. I then said yes I would be honoured to be his wife.Julia And Thabang’s Multicultural WeddingJulia And Thabang's Multicultural Wedding

The Planning Process
The planning took a long time to form shape. It was a bit overwhelming for me in the beginning because we decided we will plan our wedding. We had an idea for what we wanted but we underestimated the logistics and the amount of time the planning needed. I was struggling, totally out of my element. Then my sister in law offered to help, she got me excited about the wedding. Thabang and I had already decided we wanted a traditional wedding not only to celebrate the coming together of two souls but also the unity of two tribes. Thabang is Sotho and I am Xhosa with Coloured blood running through my veins. We wanted a wedding that will celebrate our diversity and to showcase the beauty that comes with that. My sister-in-law helped to get different quotations from different suppliers and my cousin and friends also helped to make sure that things will go smoothly.

The Suppliers
Our suppliers and vendors were recommended by my cousin. I was Initially impressed with their work after the meetings we had and they seemed to have understood our decoration vision for our day. But when it came to them executing what we agreed on they seemed to have gotten a different brief to what we gave them. We were very surprised to see the end product but we decided to not allow it to spoil our day because something bigger than the way the decorations looked was happening. We were becoming one.

One Thing They’d Change
I would not change a thing, it was a perfect day, and even the little things that did not go according to plan made the day a special one, the whole process left us with a wealth of wisdom. We had the time of our lives, it was our day and we were not going to let anything take rob us of our joy.

Favourite Part Of The Day
Our vows to each other, they were authentic and heartfelt.

Julia And Thabang's Multicultural WeddingThe Wedding Style
We had a traditional wedding, we wanted a ceremony that will celebrate our diversity. We chose elements from both of our tribes that we loved to fuse into one, our colour theme was gold, wood brown and a touch of olive green. We wanted the decoration to be simple and elegant. It was important to us that both of our cultures were equally represented. Our wedding cake was a shape of a rondavel a Xhosa traditional hut and the top was a shape of the Sotho hat. That represented not only the coming together of two souls but two cultures.

The Dress
I had an idea of what I wanted to wear for my wedding. I hired a designer to design the dress for me but it was not what I had hoped for. So, I had to get a second designer to work on my dress and turn it into my dream wedding dress. She did that perfectly.

Biggest Investment
The decorations, catering, photographer and Dj. Although our deco vision was not executed correctly, we invested most in it, the catering was also not that bad. As soon as the Dj played the first set we forgot everything that did not go according to plan. The photographers did an excellent job capturing every special moment of our day.Julia And Thabang's Multicultural Wedding

Advice To Future Brides And Grooms
Build a support structure of people who will help you to get things done, people that will be honest with you about your plans but also able to respect your choice. Lastly remember it’s your day do things and plan what will make you happy, Have fun.

Looking Forward To
Looking forward to spending the rest of my life with the man who lived beyond my dreams, learning and growing old with my soulmate and best friend. Looking forward to love never ending.Julia And Thabang's Multicultural Wedding

Photographer: Lilian
Rebel Photography
Contact : 0812710699

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    Beautiful love story Juice, with your beautiful heart and soul, you deserve all the happiness in the world. May the Lord bless your union.

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    wow bells… What a lovely romantic story… I read every sentence…. 😊…..Im happy for you and your bae… Congratulations…… Umtshato sisiseko sika Yehova uThixo….

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