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Keagile & Tebogo’s Elegant Sotho Wedding

We are literally in awe of today’s wedding. From the dress to the hairstyle, Keagile our bride served us some serious style. Below she tells us of how the journey to the altar unfolded.

How did you meet?
We met in church. He was the drummer and a youth leader and I was part of the Sound Team.

As you would know, drummers love their sound clear in especially their snare, so I got that right tone that made him smile and of course he noticed the “girl” in the sound team who made him sound “good”. From that point onwards all I can say is it was love at first sound. Our interactions from this point were still only about anything engulged in art, music, and creativity. I noticed how he is passionate about design I decided to show him one of my shoots that I did a while ago, and his analysis of the shoot made me realize how much this guy pays attention to detail, showing things in those pictures that I had never noticed and yet those were my pictures….
Hahaha .

Our friendship grew from this point and Me going to Cape Town Jazz festival did not slack our attraction an inch, if anything it brought us closer.

Keagile & Tebogo’s Elegant Sotho Wedding

Did he pay lobola, if so can you tell us about the whole process?
Traditionally, as with most African families, a letter to the bride’s house is sent to inform them that there are great intentions coming their way. The Sesotho way of saying it is “Re tlo kopa Nkgo ya metsi” (We are here to ask for a vessel that carries water) Tebogo’ take on it was absolutely amazing. As mentioned, after the proposal while I was in tears of joy, in shock of the brilliance in the diamond and design of the ring and struck by the reality of how all the dreams we were speaking about to now finally start, he then presented a beautifully packaged wooden A5 box to me. His words were,: In here lies a letter that state my intentions about you and me…

My eyes rained with floods of salt water … I cried. This felt like the second proposal in a matter of minutes.

He had told me that we will only get married years from that year, little did I know that this man was making plans for him and I , our future and that he had already started the fairy tale I find myself in today.

So on the same day that he proposed we drove off to my house and he parked right in front of my gate and weirdly enough for the first time he could not enter our house because of the brown wooden box in my hands. I proceeded to go into my house and nervous as I was, we had started changing narratives. I brought the letter to my house. Gave it to my Mom and all I saw in her eyes were tears and shock. Mama was not ready to let go of her best friend. Her little daughter that she dearly loved. She opened it. The letter was handwritten in a cursive beautiful font, better than the Blackadder ITC that Microsoft gives us. Hahaha. It was written on a vintage treated paper by Tebogo’s Father. This letter was written in South Sotho, seeing my mom’s eyes read this … I was at my most nervous I’ve ever been in my life and as unrealistically as it looked I knew that this was going to be very special. I showed her the ring as well and told her that he proposed and I said yes. Since I was leaving with Tebogo to a Design expo, I left her in shock and she immediately called my brother to come home so that she can share all this news with him.

After the two dates suggested by Tebogo’s folks, the family chose one which would be suitable for the negotiations.

From that point going forward, it was a rollercoaster ride.

Elegant Sotho Wedding

How did you find the planning process?
Incredible, a rollercoaster ride of emotions but definitely a learning curve, one of the most fulfilling times of our lives…

The process only reiterated the principles we want to carry through into our marriage.

Did you learn any lessons through your wedding journey? If so can you tell us of 3 lessons you’ve taken away based on your experience…
-God will never share in His Glory
-God will always come through BIG for you
-Remain present at every moment because there are lessons that you’ll be taught and wisdom that mold your marriage and character.

It’s a beautiful journey of discovery and absolute bliss.

What was the favourite part of the wedding?
Four Specific Parts :

  • Our Personal VOWS!!!!
  • When Thabang Mashigo sang a song from the crowd and everyone joined and stood and song their lungs out
  • The Music by Ayanda Jiya, Lindiwe Maxolo and Neo Molamu with the phenomenal Band : Fundile Dlamini, Sphiwe Ngcobo , Sinethemba Hlengetwa, Frank Mavhimbira, and Thabang Molete.
  • And the profound Speakers that spoke Life into our lives together with Rorisang Thandekiso our Programme director.

What would you say to couples planning their wedding at the moment?
Never compromise on anything for your dream wedding, but while you are at it do not forget to choose each other at every single moment of the journey towards the altar.

Now that you are married, has life changed much? Do you both have the same friends or are you making new ones? If so tell us a little about how you are adjusting…
We’ve always been close from the inception of our relationship so it’s been an amazing evolvement of our closeness and just being comfortable with each other.. I literally married my best friend so it’s an amazing slumber party

The suppliers
ML sound(all our sound)
ML Diamonds(Both our rings)
Mashinini Global (our Déco for both days)
Zodwa Bridal (both my dresses and also the bridesmaids 1st dress). The way Anna believed in my vision was just so refreshing to stay true to myself and my style.. we were literally two pees in a pod.
Spiritworks( lighting)
Kentse Masilo-the winner of Project Runway SA( groom and groomsmen suits)
Jaytouchstudio (groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids 2nd outfits)
Elegsence(catering and food for the 2nd day)
Oxbow Country Estate: our venue for the white wedding.
Msizi Mkhize/Xander Van den Berg/ Holistic SA(photography and videography)
Dews beauty studio(makeup)
Mabutribe (hair)

Elegant Sotho Wedding

A big thank you to Keagile and Tebogo for sharing their elegant Sotho wedding on Bontle Bride. If you loved this wedding, you’ll love this one.

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