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Kenslee & Anisa Indian Wedding

Good morning my loves. I’m sorry I haven’t posted a wedding for a long time. Life just got in the way and I was promoting the magazine offline and working with awesome people. If you have not read the magazine yet, go ahead and click here.

I’m doing things a little differently today. Rather than post pictures, here’s a beautiful Indian wedding video from Kenslee & Anisa shared by their friend Charity. I love how diverse our country is. I can’t help but wonder if Madiba is smiling from heaven. I’m sure he is.

This gorgeous couple was introduced to each other by their auties. I tell you aunties know best, Kenslee and Anita are living proof. lol ENJOY

Kenslee & Anisa Indian Wedding

How did you find the planning process?

It was beyond stressful as I relocated to Johannesburg two months after getting engaged and had nine months to plan the wedding from 600km away. I relied a lot on my parents to help me schedule meetings and when my fiancé and I were in Durban we would meet with them to discuss the details. It was a lot to handle but it ended up being a fairy tale night.

Was the community involved in helping with the wedding? If so, 

please tell us more…

Our families are usually more involved in helping. Many family members assisted with the rituals.

Marriage is such a big deal, at what point did you know you were 


It was never a thought until I said yes! That yes changed my entire life at that time. My perspective of life changed and automatically the thought of being his wife became a priority. I don’t think you can ever be ready for major life changes like these. My husband made my decision very easy. I knew he was it for me, there is nobody else made for me in this world and this lifetime. 

Tell us about your suppliers, how did you find them? Would you say 

your suppliers delivered as promised?

Many of our suppliers were recommended by family and friends, as they had worked with them previously. All our suppliers delivered as promised and we were extremely satisfied as we had probably met some of them just once and they had done an outstanding job.

Three lessons 

1. It is everyone’s wedding – but your marriage. Many people have expectations aside from the bridal couple themselves. 

2. Embrace every moment of planning and preparation because that is what makes the wedding all the more exciting. You will appreciate it more when you see it all come together.

3. Never take marriage advice from anyone. Marriage is what YOU make of it.

Many people were giving us marriage advice during the build-up to our wedding and ironically, most of the advice was leaning towards the negative. So, we had a good laugh about it and promised each other that our marriage will be what we put into it.

What would you say to couples planning their wedding at the moment?

Life begins after the wedding! Most of the time we concentrate so much on the wedding itself that we forget that it is just one day. We get sidetracked with the thought that it is our wedding and we must have everything our way. My advice would be to embrace the entire process and enjoy every moment because these memories will be with you forever. 

Now that you are married how has life changed?

Life is amazing! My husband and I love each other for who we are and welcome growing together with open arms. It feels good to call each other husband and wife after five years together. Married life is everything we thought it would be.

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  1. Life is amazing and full of surprise, i bet the lady was overjoyed. Congrats!

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