Koketso & Collen’s Tswana Wedding

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For today though, enjoy this gorgeous Tswana wedding with the bride in a gorgeous custom made dress.

How did you meet?

We were attending the same church while at university.

The Proposal

Lol, it was weird…so it was 2012 when we met and we were just close during that time. We were also in the same prayer group. The group was like a family so that led us even closer. After varsity, we kept in touch and would meet once in a while during church events, until he called me at the end of 2017. After telling me a lot of things on the phone he said ‘you are going to be my wife’. I don’t even remember the exact words because it was soo unexpected. I say I knew he was the “one” because when he said all those words, I was just at peace. The calls over the coming weeks would be him asking me when should he send his elders until I also gave in and called my parents.


Yes, he paid Lobola in 2018. My family was quite difficult. They dragged the process for three months, postponing dates, and so on but his family was persistent. Otherwise, the whole thing went smoothly when they met. My family is not too traditional so the process happened in a few meetings over lunch.

The Planning

The planning process was overwhelming at times. I don’t think I would have made it without the help of family and friends. I think I even underestimated it because we only had four months to get everything together.

How did you know you were ready for marriage?

I’m not even going to lie to you. I don’t think there was a point where I felt I was ever ready for this journey but one thing I knew for sure is that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my husband. We had known each other for almost six years and in all those years not once did I doubt that he was a good man. He had most of the qualities I prayed for.


All our suppliers delivered as promised. We were blessed to work with great people, not once did I have a problem with any of them.

Decor and food were also done by the venue. Sunnette @Laquila country estate. The package covered a lot of things including my bouquet. She did not disappoint. Hubby saw the venue on his way from work and I was in love with it, even after seeing a few more venues. 

Suit and groomsmen attires were done by Sfiso @Sfignificent and he was suggested by my cousin brother

The bridal gown was by Bonolo Mashilo @Bmashilodesign. I found her on Instagram. I was following her for some time and always loved how she did her work with intense passion. She took my simple idea and blew me away.

Photography was by Andre Malan @AndreMphoto. Found him on Instagram also. We first met him when we were doing our engagement shoot and he made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. He made posing feel so natural for hubby and me, and that’s when hubby decided we have to get him for our wedding.

Makeup was by Ofentse @ofancy_de_fancy_dresser. He was suggested by my friend Joseph. He made sure he took the natural look that I wanted and gave it the bridal glow. I loved it.

What Lessons(if any) did you learn during planning?

I learned a lot but if I were to share just three lessons, I would say: A. Everyone has an opinion and at some point, you have to put your foot down and go for what you love. 

B. The value of family and friends. I do not take it lightly now. Appreciate, make time, be there, and show love whenever you get a chance.

C. My partner is my best friend. Have each other’s back at all times. From family, friends etc always have his best interest at heart.

Would you do it again?

The planning and all the money spending, I don’t think I want to do again but I definitely would want to relive that glorious day again as long as it with the love of my life.


To couples planning their wedding, I’d say PLAN PLAN PLAN…don’t take anything lightly. Financial planning is very important, go to expos, talk to people, compare, make checklists and never sacrifice on what you love, if it meets the plan go for it , after all, you only get married once. And most importantly, when you plan do not forget that there is life after that big celebration.

How has life changed since the wedding?

Things are better when done in unity I realized. I don’t know how to explain it but life makes more sense now that we are married. We now get to conquer challenges and build our dreams together and that is priceless.

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