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5 Benefits Of Making Your Own Centrepieces

centrepieces for weddings

Centrepieces add elegance to a wedding. But do you really need them? Well… I’m going to say yes and no. I’m not trying to be a politician by giving two unclear answers. Let me explain my reasoning behind both answers.

Yes: Flowers are beautiful. They enhance any space. And if you can afford them go ahead and buy as many as you can. Because you can never have too many wedding flowers. The more the better.

No: They don’t come cheap. That is why florists will tell you to use flowers in season. Because they are cheaper. There’s a danger in spending beyond your means here. Please don’t do that. I know you’ve dreamt of your wedding ever since nursery but please be careful with your pennies. You’ll need them after the wedding. wedding centrepieces| south african wedding blog

It’s in your best interest to do your research. Flowers come in different shapes and forms. It’s also with noting that it takes skill and knowledge to take care of flowers. So before you commit to making your own centrepieces educate yourself on how to handle and care for the type of flowers you’d like to work with. Find you-tube videos or type flower care in the search engine. Remember to practice, I’m a believer in practising, after all, practice makes perfect.

centrepieces for weddings| south african wedding blog5 Tips And Benefits Of Making Your Own Centrepieces

  • Huge Saving: a florist will charge you for both the flowers and the time it takes to make arrangements. One or two stems of calla lily in a clear tall vase will create a gorgeous centrepiece without breaking the bank.
  • You are in control of where you buy your flowers. You are not restricted to using particular wholesalers. The best places to buy is the flower markets or wholesalers. You can start your search at these places. Cape Town-Alderney Street Flower Market, Joburg- Oriental Plaza and Durban-vegmoflora
  • Remember to keep it simple. Simple arrangements are easier to manage. Concentrate on getting the basics right. That way it’ll be simpler to complete your centrepieces. A cluster of the gypsophila (baby’s breath), carnations, in season roses, daisies can make a gorgeous centrepiece at a reasonable cost.

A tip from a top florist: Roses can be revived if they are wilting by placing them in a sink or bathtub full of lukewarm water for up to 60 min. This allows them to drink enough to revive themselves.

  • By creating your own centrepieces, you get a chance to show off your creativity. “Think outside the vase”
  • Remember if you want to create an ambience add candles with your flowers and lots of them. By using candles either on their own or with a couple of flowers in smaller vases or even loose blossoms you will be making large amounts of savings.
  • You get to experiment and experience. Experience in anything is always a good thing. Some of life’s greatest and enjoyable moments are achieved by creating projects. So go ahead, get stuck in and don’t forget to include your bridal party.

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