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Mira Zwillinger 2016 Bridal Collection

Mira Zwillinger 2016 Bridal CollectionI see beautiful pictures of wedding dresses all the time. But there are moments when I stumble upon something special. Today is one of those days. I’ve found a gem of a collection to inspire you. The Mira Zwillinger 2016 Bridal Collection.

I came acroos Mira Zwillinger while researching something else online. Her 2016 bridal collection had quite an effect on me. I had to find out more. I was so pleased when I landed on her website and saw beautifully designed wedding dresses sure to turn heads.Mira Zwillinger 2016 Bridal Collection


Mira Zwillinger 2016 Bridal CollectionMira Zwillinger 2016 Bridal CollectionThis collection just takes my breath away. I’m literally in awe of Mira Zwillinger’s work. Some styles are timeless and elegant others are simply easy going and playful. With so many gorgeous details like organza, net over skirts with lace details ,lace flowers, sequins, one shoulder bow and illusion necklines; this collection is definitely versatile.

“The Collection was inspired by the idea of fantasy and fairytale. A women should sparkle wherever she goes, but especially on your wedding day.” Mira Zwillinger

Mira Zwillinger 2016 Bridal CollectionSS16 MIRA ZWILLINGERMira Zwillinger 2016 Bridal CollectionSS2016 NEW YORK BRIDALMira Zwillinger 2016 Bridal CollectionMira Zwillinger 2016 Bridal CollectionSo what type of bride wears such dreamy dresses? Crazy in love with all things sparkly, sophisticated and a lover of luxurious living. If you’re not shy and would enjoy all eyes on you, then any dress from this collection would be perfect.

I hope this collection inspires you to have the boldness to try something a little different. If it does, tell me about it, leave a comment

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  1. […] Mira Zwillinger : I loved sharing this collection because of how diverse it is. There’s literally something for any type of style in it. […]

  2. The collection is super cool. I’m loving the lace crop top and long skirt .

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