Modern Tswana Wedding

IĀ  know you don’t expect to see my mail in your inbox on Friday but I just couldn’t wait till Monday to share this gorgeous wedding. My inbox is literally buzzing with gorgeous weddings and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog them all this year. However, keep sending them. I will eventually get through them all.
Bonolo and her husband wanted an elegant modern Tswana wedding to remember. They opted to have their modern Tswana wedding over a period of two separate weekends. From the dress to the cake this Tswana wedding is one of the best to grace these pages. I hope you’ll enjoy!
My Husband paid magadi in February 2018, and we decided that we don’t want to wait too long to the wedding. So we agreed that we will get married in October. We both thought that our families each deserved a Saturday wedding, so we opted for two weekends.
Planning. I didn’t want to have to blame anyone for anything that might go wrong, so we planned everything by ourselves. On the 13th October I walked down the isle with the brown dress and immediately changed into the blue dress. The after party was at home in dlamini where we all changed into jeans and mingled further with our guests.
We came up with an idea, and he more than surprised us. He did the food as well.
Make UP: @pabycandy
: Gmos Cocktail bar handled all our drinks Attires: Our attires for both weekends were made by Kalahari fashions. They made everything. It was an easier option because we didn’t have to look at different places.
20th October
Gmos also handled the day’s drinks.
Deco: Kedibone Modutoane
Photographer: Daniel Magidi is an amazing good friend of mine and made sure we were comfortable all the way from our pre wedding photo shoot and our wedding invitation.
Abel Wesi
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Daniel photographer
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brian Kalahari
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The Breadbox Bakery
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  1. Thuso says:

    Re ipela ka lona Bakwena. Le supile ka manontlhotlho gore motho a ka ikonka ka Setswana. Pula ke eo Bakwena.

  2. Peter Lesejane says:

    Rre le Mme Leseyane , Ke a le lebogisa Mo tirong e manontlhotlho e le e dirileng.

    Bontle bo bokalo.

    A Modimo a le tshegofatse.

  3. Kagiso Leseyane says:

    Stylish and Stunning. Enjoy every moment of your Love. May God bless you abundantly.

  4. Boitumelo says:

    Wow, Re ipela ka Setswana le batho ba go tshwana le lona. Bontle fela indeed šŸ˜‡šŸ˜‡šŸ˜‡

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