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My Little Tribute To The Obama Family

My Little Tribute To The Obama Family

I remember the day I woke up to news that President Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States of America. It was as if something new had been birthed (mind you many babies around the world inherited the name Barack on that day). It was as if a new era had emerged and I was part of it.

obamaNow in just a few days America will have a new president. I hope it’s Hillary Clinton rather than Mr Trump. I honestly don’t have anything against him, however, to have a new female president would just be awesome not to mention a historic moment. You might say Ika, you are not American nor do you live in America, why bother. Well, I’ll tell you my darlings. This family has liberated my mindset. They have brought hope to the families that might not look like your average first family. Now let me elaborate…

The idea of having a black family in the white house might not seem like a big deal to some. But to me, it shows how things have changed. I know there are still places in the world where the idea of black people ruling a nation nauseates some. Yep racists still exist. But I’m not going to go into that or the daily struggles I face. Instead, I’m going to celebrate this wonderful couple. Who moved in the white house with such dignity and grace, lived and leaves with a scandal-free white house. I can only imagine how hard these past eight years have been. Being pulled from different directions and fighting the nay Sayers (tea party members, cough cough…)My Little Tribute To The Obama Family

There are many reasons as to why I admire President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama. They are living proof that all things are possible. A couple of days ago she mentioned that “she lives in a house built by slaves”. What a powerful statement. I don’t think it crossed the minds of those slaves that one day their descendants will live in the white house, not as servants but as the actual rulers of the entire nation.My Little Tribute To The Obama Family

I’m inspired by their level of commit to the endless charities they are involved in. The first Lady’s mission to help girls from poor backgrounds get an education. The audacity to continue when it looks like everyone who was on your corner suddenly has changed their minds.My Little Tribute To The Obama Family

And the kissing in public is absolutely a delight to watch. I’m not sure why (maybe it’s because I was never taught it was okay to do this). I honestly can’t remember seeing my parent’s smooching in public. I know they must do because we are here.lol Anyway, the point I’m making is that if you look and observe closely in public spaces, it is very rare to see a black older couple embrace in public. But I’m thankful to the Obamas for such liberation.My Little Tribute To The Obama Family

I could go on and on. But I’ll stop here and say. Goodbye to the Obama family. Thank you for inspiring us to aim higher and to do better. May you find happiness, joy and peace in whatever you choose to do next.

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