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Online Wedding Dresses vs Designer Wedding Dresses

A few days ago I was reading one of my favorite wedding blogs  and they had a feauture of a bride who looked stunning in her gorgeous dress. I was surprised when I kept reading her story and found out that her wedding dress was  bought online. She had her reasons for buying online but the major one was that she didn’t want to spend too much on a wedding dress, that she was only ever going to wear once for about 8hours. The dress itself looked no different from any other vintage designer wedding  dresses I have seen. For this particular bride there were no major issues with the dress. It  needed alterations because it was too sizes too big but apart from that she was very happy with her wedding-dress-shop

 I don’t think it is wrong for brides to want to buy their wedding dresses online.  I mean who doesn’t love a bargain. There is just something fulfilling about getting something for a lower price.I can understand exactly how brides that buy thier wedding dresses online feel. I did consider it myself when I was planning my own wedding and I think had I not chicken out I would have bought my dress online. One thing that swayed my decision was the negative online reviews and I could not afford to  loose any more money than I had already lost. Read about my dress journey here

I was shocked to find out that most of what we call labels and designer dresses are actually made and manufactured  in china anyway. online wedding dress2

I believe every bride should look and feel beautiful on her wedding day whether or not they are wearing a designer label. I think it is wrong to assume that unless you are wearing a designer dress that cost hundred of pounds you won’t look beautiful. I know of some brides that have spent a lot on their wedding dresses and still looked like ugly duncklings. The trick is not how much you spend but how smart you spend. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that brides abandon designer dresses and buy online. By all means if you can afford a designer wedding dress then go for it. But if money is tight then consider buying online. Be very careful though, do your reshearch. Alternatively sample sales, once worn dresses, discontinued lines and  closing down sales are other options to consider.

However if the above suggestions do not work for you and you have made up your mind to be brave and go the online route, here are a few pointers to think about before you actually make a phurchaseonline wedding dress 1.

  • Measurements: Make sure you take the correct measurements, bridal sizes are different from normal everyday sizes.
  • Check their reviews.Don’t just trust the reviews they have on their site, check feedback and their return policies.
  • Don’t expect too much: Don’t put your hopes up too high, remember buying online is a risky business, there are  no guantees, make sure you have a backup plan if things don’t work out as you have hoped.
  • Postage costs can be so high that it would be better for you to go to a bridal store.
  • The dress might not even arrive. Yes you read right, some online stores claiming to sell dresses are fake.You might say the pictures they had on their site looks legit sadly there are too many copy cats out and just because a site has a address doesn’t necessaly mean they are based in the UK.

I would love to hear from you, would you consider buying a wedding dress on line.


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