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Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom: Smah And Mbo

Hello, My Darlings!
I know you’re probably expecting a wedding this morning but I thought I’d share something ridiculously important. As much as I love sharing beautiful weddings, pinning pretty images and spending too much time on wedding pretty pursuit, I realise a wedding lasts only but a day (two if you’re having a traditional wedding). At the end of the day, there’s a marriage to live. So with that in mind, I’m sharing pearls of wedded wisdom from marriages I love and admire (pssst… if you know a couple you admire and would love to have them spill their secrets on how to have a successful marriage, just let me know).

Smah and Mbogeni married in 2010. Since then they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs but in spite of all the hiccups of life, they’re still going strong. I had a chance to ask them a few questions. They were so gracious to let us have a peek at their beautiful marriage and give us pearls of wedded wisdom.Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom: Smah And Mbo
How long have you been married?
Tell us about your journey, how you met and the proposal story.
We met through a mutual friend in Ipswich.
Mbo: It was not love at first sight, to be honest. We were introduced and became friends for a while.
Smah: Yea it wasn’t love at first sight, but gradually developed into something special as we were spending more time with each other. b) The proposal was over a surprise dinner date, it was subtle but romantic and the gentleman went down on one knee, the answer was a resounding Yes lol
Tell us about your wedding day.
Mbo: I wasn’t nervous at all, instead, I was excited. I remember everything that happened on the day as if it was yesterday.
Smah: Yes there was a mixture of nerves and excitement, my main worry was something going wrong at the last minute. Thank God all went well. I remember the day very well and I don’t see myself ever forgetting it.
What was the biggest adjustment you had to make when you first got married?
Learning to call each other husband and wife after being boyfriend and girlfriend for seven years took a bit of getting used to.
If you were both given £10 to spend on each, what would you get each other?
Mbo: Buy Smah loads of twiglets lol.
Smah: Apart from something to eat I would struggle as he has an expensive taste so £10 won’t stretch far enough.
Pearls Of wedded wisdomHow do you handle challenges in your marriage?
By beating each other to a pulp….lol just kidding. We talk about the challenge/s and pray about whatever challenge we are facing. That has always worked for us.
What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever had to deal with and how did you overcome it.
Sma: was to have my 15yrs old son joining us in the UK. Being parents to a teenage boy was a test to our marriage. We had ups and downs but always supported each other throughout. Mbo was always supportive, never failed me so to me he’s the best dad. He has a good relationship with my son for that, I feel blessed.
Mbo: For me being a father to a teenage boy overnight, was something that took a bit of getting used to.
Five words to describe your marriage.
Secure, enjoyable, fulfilling, yet challenging and intriguing.
How do you stay married so long, any pearls of wisdom for newly engaged or married couples?
Mbo: By not taking each other for granted and not allowing any outside influences.
Sma: Well I have to make sure he’s well fed otherwise, he’s grumpy when he’s hungry lol
Ika: lol Smah, you know what they say “Cooking food for a man is a good way to win his affections”
Any Pearls of wedded wisdom to newly married couples.
Approach your marriage as though it’s a marathon not a sprint, pace yourself or you will wear each other out. Keep the fire burning in the bedroom… It’s called love making for a reason. Laughs

Smah and Mbo, thank you so much for sharing your marriage story with us. Keep rocking this marriage thing. Together Forever!

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