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Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom Series #1

Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom Series #1As much as I love posting pretty pictures I realise getting married is a serious thing. Sometimes you need to take time out to really think about what you’re getting yourself into. Hence today’s post.

Gill and Jacq is a super cute couple from Cape Town. They’ve been married twelve whooping years and were gracious enough to share with us pearls of wedded wisdom on how to cook up a beautiful marriage. So I hope you’ll enjoy and be inspired by their journey.

Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom Series #1 How long have you been married? -On 25 October 2015, we will be married for 12 years.

Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom Series #1

Tell us about your journey, how you met, the proposal story and the type of wedding you had. –Gill:  We befriended one another through a close mutual friend while we were at school, and started dating in 2001. After 6 months we got engaged when Jacq dropped my ring into my popcorn box at the movies.  We watched John Q in case you were wondering.  🙂  On 25 October 2003 we tied the knot.

Jacq:  It’s true, a mutual friend introduced us, one thing led to another, Gill was a smooth talking young lady. I was then promoted to boyfriend status. It was a well orchestrated plan, it is no secret that Gill loves popcorn and I managed to slip her engagement ring and a little card with the question on it into her box, with a celebratory bottle of bubbly lying in wait in a picnic basket hidden way in the back of the car!
Ika: How romantic and they say SA men have no clue, Jacq is a prime example that romance is alive and kicking in the hearts of SA brothers.
Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom Series #1Would you say getting married was the best decision you ever made, if so please elaborate.
Gill:  For me it was, because I found my friend I want to grow old with. It’s hard work, and needs commitment from both partners, but a friendship that cannot be compared to any other. I find myself in a happy place where I can just be me.
Jacq:  We have been very fortunate to have firstly found an amazing friendship and after all these years she still means everything to me. I also agree with Gill, it is plenty of hard work and it has come with first class challenges, but it has been one of the best decisions I could have made yes!
Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom Series #1What was the biggest adjustment you had to make when you first got married?
 Jacq & Gill: Oddly enough, we did not make big adjustments. We have both remained the people we were as singles, i.e. friendships continued in a similar vein and we remained encouraging of one another to not lose who we are. Having to be responsible for cooking our own meals and shopping for our own household was quite an adjustment though! Thank goodness for Mince-Mate, Lasagne-Mate, Tuna-Mate and and and!Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom Series #1
How do you handle disappointments, challenges and victories in your marriage?
 Gill:  Don’t stop talking to one anther. You are in it together, and only the two of you can make it work. Or not.
Jacq: Talk! Don’t stop! Recognise the good and not only the challenges and celebrate them!Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom Series #1
Lets talk in-laws, how do you deal with them.
Gill: Respectfully.
Jacq:  With loads of tolerance and patience. Do not anticipate that in-laws are going to be stereo typical or you may just bring it on! 
Ika: lol Jacq
Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom Series #1 If money was no object and you had the opportunity to do something amazing for each other, what would it be?
Gill:  I would fix his Beetle and go on an amazing overseas holiday.
Jacq:  A shoe and handbag shopping spree of note, followed by a spa treatment and then have her whisked away on an unforgettable holiday where there would be more shopping to be done off course!
Pearls Of Wedded Wisdom Series #1 How do you stay married so long, any pearls of wisdom for newly engaged or married couples?
Gill:  It’s all about the two of you. What worked for other couples may not work for you, so write your own story.
Jacq:  Remain respectful of your spouse at all times, regardless of how angry you may be and also remember that you are not always right. Slow down and listen to with intent before responding, it may mean that your response will be completely different.
Ika: I like that Gill, there’s no story that’s more beautiful or unique than your own story. Something I’m learning to embrace. So tell it gorgeous, believe me it’s more interesting than you think.
Thank you Gill and Jacq, here’s to 12*12*12*12*12 more years. The journey continues…
Carmen, thanks for sharing your smashing work on Pure Wedding Blog, you are Awesome, mwahhhh!

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