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Personal Post: My Wedding

joburg weddinjgThe Proposal

Okay, so the proposal story.Well there was no proposal(although Mr K is convinced that there was one lol), we both decided that it was about time he paid Lobola(a brides price) So in December of 2006 he did exactly that. The elders from his side of the family wrote a letter to my family informing them of Mr K’s intentions. Both families met and  to my horror my uncle decided that since Mr K lives in the UK he would charge  a ridiculous amount of money, apparently if you live in the UK you must be rich, not so uncle. Anyway the two families reached an agreement.  I still think they charged Mr K way too much. We could have used that money towards buying our first house.

joburg wedding

The Planning Journey

To be honest I enjoyed planning, it was so much fun.  After the Lobola  was done with, the real journey began. Firstly there was the registry office wedding that no one knew about(yes very naughty I know).  There was no fuss, only two registrars, two witness and us, that was it.

Three years later we decided to have the white wedding.  I enjoyed my planning journey although frustrating at times but still fun.  I lived and breathed weddings, had so many magazines I could have opened a shop.joburg wedding

joburg wedding

joburg weddingThe Dress

The plan was to buy my wedding dress in London. In fact I had already decided to buy a dress by Mon Cheri. I changed my mind when I walked in the bridal salon and saw a bride who had a My Lady dress on with diamonte’s and pearls.  I decided to change my mind and try that dress on(the biggest mistake I’ve ever made). I nearly fainted when they told me the price of the dress and without thinking I decided to order that particular dress. The only problem was that it was way over my budget and in the end I lost about £1000. Heartbroken over the dress I looked over the internet but heard so many horror stories and I could not afford to lose anymore money. So I went home four weeks before the wedding without the dress. My Mom reassured me that all will be well(I have the best mom in the whole world). The next day my mom and dad took me wedding dress shopping. I was so surpriseto find a  beautiful dress that I loved. The dress was from  GF Bridal Couture in Fourways. Looking back I now realize that it was a  blessing because I would never have known what it feels like to shop for my dress with my parents, pure bliss.

joburg weddingThe Venue

Silver Star Casino, although not my dream venue, was amazing. It was  everything  I had ever hoped for.The staff was super nice which made everything run smoothly. My venue coordinator was well organized and helped us with menu choices and included most small extras for free(God’s Favor).

The Cake

Loved, loved my cake by Franco, the cake man, He did a really great job by capturing my vision. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, it was just beautiful, still dream about it now, LOL! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the cake.

The Traditional Wedding 

Well I didn’t want a traditional dancing on the street kinda of wedding. I thought no one does that anymore. It looks silly half the time.  Mr K convinced me that you cannot have a township wedding without street dance. So on Sunday, I put on my brave face and went with the flow. To my delight it was very nice. We both enjoyed it very much so.joburg wedding

Traditional Clothing

Ahhh! I loved my tradition outfit, It was created by a gentleman called Toba, a traditional fashion designer based in Johannesburg. We had so much fun in his studio. He reassured me that there was nothing he couldn’t sow. I remember saying to Mr K after we left his studio that he was not going to finish the outfit on time. I’m glad to say not only did he deliver on time, he exceeded expectation.joburg wedding


My advice to couples planning their big days is to save for a good photographer, check their site, their past work and ask to see a portfolio if they have one. Unfortunately when it comes to photography you get what you pay for. I was not happy with both the photographer and videographer. I believe when it comes to business people need to be authentic and honest. If you are hired for a job, be honest about what you can deliver.At least that way a couple knows exactly what  they are getting. Unfortunately we decided to go the cheap route (in a hope to save a bit of money)and to be honest he wasn’t that bad but I wasn’t happy.

I hope you have enjoyed my wedding. I would love to hear your comments on the box below



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  1. […] for my traditional wedding. Please excuse the photography, this was in 2010. My wedding post is here if you’ve not seen it […]

  2. Praxedes Munala says:

    Hi Ika,

    It’s a great pleasure to share your wedding pictures n story. They are amazing n you look amazing and your husband’s suit is so original. You know something, since I met you in Ruach Ministries I see you glowing by the day and yes you look so much younger and full of vitality and life.

    1. Ika says:

      Thanks Praxedes, hope Baraka and hope are well

  3. Zuda says:

    Thanks for finaly sharing your wedding photos. Even if I couldn’t be at your white wedding atleast I had the privilege to be at the traditional the next day & to this day it still stands as one of the best wedd’s I’ve been to. Please be an even more inspiration to us by keeping it together & I hope my uncle is taking good care of you. Miss you alot guys.

    1. Ika says:

      Thank you Zuda

  4. Obakeng says:

    Hey Ika it was my first time being a bridesmaid and I had always dreamt about being one, so u made my dream come true lol. Wow ur wedding was beautiful and you looked so gorgeous. My mom and I still discuss your beautiful dress. It was such a beautiful weekend and I enjoyed every moment of it and I felt so beautiful especially in the pink dress. God bless you and your family. PS I hope u will attend my wedding in years to come, u are such an inspiration. Love Koki

    1. Ika says:

      awii Koki, you are so sweet, thank you for being part of my day. Of course I’ll be there for you when your day comes, eish cannot wait

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