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A Pretty Perfect Cape Town Wedding

Morning lovely. I’m so sorry for the resounding silence. I’ve been having a huge pity party lately (yes I know, I know, I’m the person who always encourages people but these couple of days I’ve felt frustrated with everything). The spirit of entrepreneurship went down the drain and to be honest I felt like doing away with the blog and the shop. And then Mr Les Brown(if you don’t know who he is, google him) gave me a wake-up call. He said, “be willing to invest above and beyond”. Those words kicked me right out of my depressed state and I’m doing what I need to do, to be GREAT. So watch this space, something big is coming to Bontle very soon.A Pretty Perfect Cape Town Wedding

Today’s pretty perfect cape town wedding is full of many gorgeous details that you can easily steal and make your own. Shirley( the bride) and her groom themed their wedding summer cocktail affair. Enjoy!

A Pretty Perfect Cape Town WeddingThe Love Story
It was his friend’s birthday and because my friend was new to the residence they invited us to join the birthday celebration. We all briefly introduced ourselves, from that brief exchange words I knew I had to get to know this guy with such a warm smile and with inviting eyes, well I guess it’s true what they say the eyes are the window to the soul because looking through the window of his soul I saw my soul mate. I looked into his eyes like they were a crystal ball foretelling my future and indeed he was my future.

So we exchanged numbers that evening and we parted ways sooner than expected. The following day, like any other teenage crushing girl I kept checking my phone for missed calls, SMS or even Mxit invite (yes it was that long ago). Minutes went by, hours went by till I decide to break the girl code and draw all the courage my petite self-had, and make the first move and call him. I am glad I gathered that courage, pride aside, and go against the norm and called because with that call my life changed. I got my happily ever after. It has been a journey, a rollercoaster but through it all, I have had the time of my life with the best companion ever. He has been there beside me through the highs and lows and holding each other’s hands through our journey.

From the groom: Shirley had come through to the University residence I was staying to meet up with her high school friend. When her beautiful self-came within my side for the very first time, I remember the left upper side of my body became ice cold. I temporarily ran out of breath and I explained this as fear. I always and still have a fear for girls but I fought my fear that one time and today the rest is history.

A Pretty Perfect Cape Town WeddingA Pretty Perfect Cape Town WeddingA Pretty Perfect Cape Town Wedding

A Pretty Perfect Cape Town WeddingThe Proposal
He proposed at the airport on his birthday and “YES” to eternity was a birthday gift to him.A Pretty Perfect Cape Town Wedding

We had two weddings. One in Cape Town was 100% western and the second was 50% western feel and fusing in some of the concepts explored in the Cape Town wedding. It was also half traditional as it fused both Pedi and Sotho culture in our attire and the guests.A Pretty Perfect Cape Town WeddingA Pretty Perfect Cape Town Wedding

This Wedding In 7 Words
Classy, Simple, Elegant, Intimate, Personal touches, Breathtaking and Classical feel

Favourite Moment
Walking down the Aisle and feel the joy and love from our friends and family. The speeches from our loved ones.

The Wedding Style
Simple, Elegant and CleanA Pretty Perfect Cape Town WeddingA Pretty Perfect Cape Town Wedding

The Dress
It was love at first fit because I had my doubts when the store owner pointed me towards the dress as I walked into the store after advising him I was looking for a dress.

Advice to future brides and grooms.
Take your time with the planning and enjoy every moment as the wedding day is brief but memorable. Brides, do not stress, everything will go accordingly. A few hiccups are fine here and there no ever notices.A Pretty Perfect Cape Town Wedding

A Pretty Perfect Cape Town WeddingLooking Forward To:
Unity and having an eternity with my heart’s keeper.

The Creatives
Photographer: Dawid Botha
Venue: Blue Horizon Estate
Dress: My Unique Wedding and Bonakele Vazi (Vazi Couture )
Make-Up: MUC – Tarryn Kemp
Suits: Edgar (Witbank)
Décor/Venue Styling: Blue Horizon Estate
Flowers: Blue Horizon Estate
DJ: Louis – Night Fever Entertainment

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  1. What a beautiful wedding and couple! The views at the venue were amazing. Thank you again Ika for showing us such lovely weddings.

  2. Thuli says:

    Congratulations Shirley,what a beautiful wedding.WOW!!!

  3. Such a gorgeous couple ans inspiring love story. I love the outdoor setting. Congrats to Shirley and her hubby – agree with her sentiments to just enjoy the big day and not sweat the small stuff. To you my dearest Ika, I’m sending you loads of prayers and encouragement to stick to this journey that you’re so passionate about, you’re doing great ❤️

    1. Ika says:

      Awwwie, thank you Thando. Your words have seriously lifted, encouraged and propelled me to continue. <3

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