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Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

If you’ve found your perfect venue DON’T sign on the dotted line before you read this post. It’s all about Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue. There are many couples who have found themselves in a predicament just because they did not ask their venue the right questions. There are so many things that venues will and will not allow you to do. So be in the know and ask these questions.

Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue



Do they hold more than one wedding a day?
This question sounds easy enough, however, some venues will hold more than one wedding a day. It means you have to be on time for your wedding otherwise you’d find yourself in a predicament especially if that venue has one chapel or one ceremony space. So make sure they have a backup plan should you be late. Sometimes if not all the time weddings start later than expected.

Who is responsible for catering?
Most venues will not even give you an option of having your own caters. Ask them if there’s a menu tasting session. Catering is one of the most expensive parts of the wedding. Therefore, they should at least offer a tasting session.

Do they have an onsite wedding coordinator and if so, how do they work. Will there be extra charges should you decide to use them. Remember a wedding planner is different from a venue coordinator. Wedding Planners work for you and will always have your best interest at heart. Whereas wedding coordinators work for the venue.Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Are there any restrictions on types of decorations you can use. For example, do they allow candles? Candles are my absolute favourite decor accessories however as beautiful as they are, they can be very dangerous. It only takes a guest to knock one to set the whole place ablaze. Therefore you can understand as to why some venues won’t allow you to use them.

How much is the deposit, when will the full balance be due and is there a payment plan?

Is there a safe place for gifts?

How many people can the venue accommodate?

Do you have to bring your own registrar or pastor or is there one available?

What is the cancellation/postponement policy?
Some venues reserve the right to keep your deposit because the date could have been given to another couple therefore in a way they’ve lost business. Read the small print.

How many toilet facilities do they have?
4 per 100 guests should be enough.Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Do they have a bridal suite?
If you’d like to get ready and dresses at the venue is there a bridal suite big enough to accommodate you and your bridesmaids.

Ask about their parking facilities? Generally, at weddings, people get carried away and drink a little more than they should. Would it be safe and secure for your guests to leave their cars if it’s not safe for them to drive home?

Are there various options of transport links to the venue?
This question is vital for the guests who don’t drive. Make sure you give them information on how to get to your venue using public transport.

Do they have electricity (electricity? I know, you’d be surprised), water and heating( for heating some venues will require weeks notice prior to the event).

Do they have public liability insurance?
This is extremely important. Should something happen or something break in the venue that is of high value, would they be able to claim compensation from their insurance or will you have to pay for the damages.

I hope these questions have been helpful. If you have more please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d love to help you on your journey to the altar.

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