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Rainbow Inspired Mood-Board

rainbow wedding5Morning My Preciousness! Welcome to the second feature of Mood-Board Inspired  Monday. Mood-Board Inspired Monday is a new feature on this blog where I create mood boards for you lovely lot to give you an idea of how your wedding day might turn out.  If you’ve missed last week’s edition click here to see what gorgeous color combo I featured.

Since it is so cold I decided to create a rainbow inspired Mood-Board taday. I figured we need a  good dose of color to warm us up .So if you are planning a rainbow inspired wedding or considering it, these are some of the ideas you might like to incorporate.

I know rainbow inspired weddings can be tricky to pull off but don’t let that put you off. You can absolutely get this color scheme right by focusing on the small little details and splash color everywhere.  rainbow inspired mood-board

A Few Points To Remember:

1.Make sure you have a base colors, in this instance I used powder blue, you can also use white or black.

2 .Avoid cluttering your reception with too many things.

3.Use different colored serviettes or if you  love butterflies  use them as your place cards .

rainbow weding64.Use different color lighting just like on the picture above.

5.Oh and don’t be afraid to wear a colored wedding dress.

Photo Credits: flowers-Brides Magazine, All other images courtesy of pinterest

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