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Reasons Why You Should Get Married Abroad

Reasons Why You Should Get Married AbroadHello My Preciousness. I’m sure most of you are happy it’s Friday, I know I am. If this is your first visit here, welcome and do come back. Wishing you all a great weekend whatever it is you have planned. If your struggling to fund for your wedding don’t worry. I have a solution. Consider getting married abroad.

I know more and more couples opt to get married abroad. Who can blame them, weddings are expensive.There are fabulous places across the globe where couples can get married . The one major benefit of getting married abroad is the potential to save. There is of course a downside to getting married abroad. However today I want to share the benefits of getting married abroad.

  1. You get to have your honeymoon and wedding day paid for in one go, now that’s music to my ears.
  2. Not everyone can afford to travel so there’ll be few people to feed.
  3. The guest coming to your wedding, will be people who really care about you, no one wants to spend money on someone they don’t care about.
  4. Some resorts will include a few extras like food and alcohol with  accommodation, just so they look good. The reason they do this is for referrals.
  5. Massive savings on decoration, the backdrop of your chosen destination is all the décor you’ll need especially if it’s a beach or outside wedding.
  6. Unique and memorable experience, traditional weddings can be nearly the same but destination weddings are never the same.
  7. You could use some of the money left over to buy your first home, if you don’t already own one together.
  8. Once in a lifetime adventure surrounded by people who  matter.

“If you do decide to get married abroad, please do your research, check reviews and if possible visits the location before wedding day.”

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