Robert & Selina’s Stunning Traditional Pedi Wedding

Good morning my loves. I hope you had a lovely weekend. I’m just blown away by today’s Pedi wedding. After the decor lady decided to drop this couple a day before the wedding and go off to another wedding(can you believe the cheek?) the bride and her bridesmaids pulled in an all-nighter sorting out decor. I think they did a great job considering the amount of time they had. Here’s the whole story, ENJOY

How did you meet?
We met years ago in University, about 8 years ago to be exact.

This all happened on Facebook initially, after a few weeks of refusing to meet him he finally visited me at res and we became good friends.

I refused to date him for the longest time because a close friend of mine at the time had a crush on him.

We eventually started dating 2 years ago. He was very persistent.

How did he propose?
He proposed on a boat and here is how the story unfolded. We were away on a mini holiday after a long holiday in East Africa and on this very eventful day we woke up bright and early to catch a hot air balloon. I suspected nothing, I was just very surprised to see my boyfriend happy to be up at 4 am. The poor guy was nervous the entire day, everything was so rushed. Literally, after our hot air balloon ride, we went quad biking. It was event after event I tell you. After all these activities, all I wanted to do was nap, but the man was onto the next adventure, a picnic on a boat. We were fortunate that the farm we were staying on during our mini holiday had a river passing by and the owners encouraged us to use their boat whenever we felt like it. Before I knew it, a picnic basket was packed with all sorts of yummy goods and an engagement ring was tucked in his backpack. The owner was so delighted to see us heading towards the boat and offered to take a few snaps of us, at this point I was starving and didn’t understand why we had to be on a boat to eat, but I followed. We got on the boat, he offered me some champagne and proposed a toast, before I knew it there was a ring and I said yes!!

Did he pay lobola, if so can you tell us about the whole process?
He paid lobola, shortly after we got engaged, his parents arranged to meet with my parents to start with the negotiations.

It was a long drive for them to Limpopo. After hours of discussion, they came to an agreement and planning for the traditional wedding day commenced.

How did you find the planning process?
I actually found the planning process easy, I think most things were booked and deposits paid 2 months before the traditional wedding. I created a fake Facebook account to find some suppliers. Instagram was also very useful. Once the theme and colours for the wedding were decided, things flowed easily.


What was the favourite part of the wedding?
Seeing my man dancing with the band, our families coming together and embracing one another. It was a beautiful sight. Marriage is beautiful.

Day two: Robert & Selina’s Stunning Traditional Pedi Wedding

Was the community involved in helping with the wedding? If you please tell us more…
The community was involved but to a small extent. The men helped with the slaughtering of the cow and the women helped my mom with making the traditional beer. Most intricate duties for the day were handled by my parents, siblings, myself and hired caterers. We were hosting my inlaws, so we couldn’t delegate any of the tasks to them.

Marriage is such a big deal, at what point did you know you were ready?
Life was easier together and we couldn’t stay away from each other. We had a common goal but most importantly share many core life principles


Did you learn any lessons through your wedding journey? If so can you tell us of 3 lessons you’ve taken away based on your experience…
Read reviews of your suppliers, some will promise you heaven and earth but drop at the last minute. I also learned that disappointments are inevitable and you must decide very quickly to move on. It’s not always worth it fighting people, your joy is very important during this time. My deco lady dropped me on the eve of my wedding, she just dropped everything off and told me she had another wedding to attend. My bridesmaids and I worked through the night and left the tent at 1am, but we were happy with the job we had done. I owe them!!


What would you say to couples planning their wedding at the moment?
Enjoy the process!

Thank you Robert and Selina for sharing your wedding on Bontle Bride. I

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