A Seriously Stunning Ndebele Wedding

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Hi, Everyone!
This Ndebele wedding has had my fingers itching to click publish the moment I received it. It’s not often that I publish a post on a Thursday but today I’m making an exception. I can’t wait till Monday. I honestly tried to resist the gorgeousness on this wedding but I guess I failed miserably. I had to give in and publish it.


With bridesmaids in tulle tutu skirts and white tops embroidered with Ndebele stripes, the bride in proper Ndebele attire, the groom and his groom men rocking their custom-made shirts, I would say this wedding is a beautiful showcase of Ndebele heritage. ENJOYNDEBELENDEBELE

The Proposal

“It was spring of the year 2006 when I heard a knock from my commune door. I opened the door and I greeted her. We were both stunned from not knowing each other. Her tongue filled up in her mouth and she couldn’t utter a word, English didn’t love her. Her friend Ymelda had sent her to collect her school stuff from me. I told her to go back and ask her to come collect them herself. Being the great negotiator she is, she managed to convince me otherwise and I gave in. That’s how our Journey began, at room 2205 Mariston Hotel, in Johannesburg.


I started to visit her room frequently from that day on wards. We would spend hours of the night chatting along the corridor or in her room. I could open up to this marvellous woman. I shared my background and my dreams. She would listen and wouldn’t judge me. I would look right into her small sparkling eyes as we converse the night away. I had found my soul mate and I didn’t even know it.


I wrote her an SMS to tell her I loved her. That’s how we confirmed, we were dating. It was all great till 2008, where the selfish me, got swallowed by the world of entertainment and partying. It is true what they say; if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. It was through the journey of life that I realised, I had actually left my wife behind. It would’ve killed me if I didn’t go back home. She is my home. We reconnected again in 2012 and we never looked back.


June 2015 I booked us a weekend away. The whole day I had butterflies in my stomach and kept taking a peek at the ring. That evening we went out for dinner at the lodge. We just finished dinner and it was dark and it was dark, but the pathway had lighting leading to the Ndebele and Zulu huts which we resided in. Along the pathway, under the light of the moon, I took her on our journey and told her what a phenomenal woman she had been to me. I quoted Genesis 2:18 and I went down on my knees. I took out the ring and asked her to marry me. Stunned by the question, she screamed Oh my God YES.”NDEBELE



The Planning Process

“The planning process was stressful but one thing we were clear about was that we will not go for something above that we have budgeted for . We planned the wedding in five months so there was not much research for most things. We went with what was within budget.”

The Suppliers

“Word of mouth. The key things we had in mind, was that people need to be fed, entertainment, good music, and overall people need to feel the love which we believe they did based on reviews we received.

Band & MC was recommended by one of the family members. We took the faith and trusted without hearing them and they were amazing. The comedian/MC was a referred to a friend to my husband. The deco was by Bheki Yende, a family friend. The suits were bought in JHB. My second dress Bridesmaid dresses were done by Precious LULU Couture ( whose also family). Food & drinks was provided by the venue”



“We had three events, at home early in the morning we had what we call uMhlambiso were grooms family brought gifts for my family, and later in the afternoon we have the white wedding at a venue & the following we brought gifts to the grooms family and had the mixture of traditional and white wedding.”


Favourite Moment

“The vows”


The Wedding Style

“Small and intimate I’m not sure about the wedding style.”


The Dress

” I fitted so many that I was confused, my favorite dress I could not afford I then opted for custom made design.”


Savings & Splurges

“Saved on the deco & my dress.”



“Think to your budget and relax God always has a better version of your day than what you have envisioned or planned.”


Looking Forward To

“Spending the best of my life with my life partner.”


The White Wedding



Photographer: Kwanda Photography

Venue: Hermnansdale conference Centre & lodge

Dress: custom made

Make-Up: Blessing Nyathi

Suits: custom made

Décor/Venue Styling: hermansdale conference centre and lodge


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    provide with a number and a place where can we get this ndebele outfit

    • Ika

      They are called Rich Factory, please search for them on Instagram. @richfactory

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    Such a stunning wedding., you guys looked beautiful 👌… looking forward to mine 😍

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