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Shocking Wedding Costs

shcking wedding costs

“Anytime you mention the word wedding, the cost goes up by at least 50%”. A statement I’ve heard over and over. I want you to know that this statement is utter rubbish. Granted, wedding costs can be shockingly expensive. However the cost of your wedding depends entirely on your preferences. If you expect fine details then you’re going to have to dig a little deeper in your pockets to make it happen.

I know you’ve probably bought countless magazines, visited many wedding blogs, lived on pinterest not to mention wedding fairs, envisioned and mapped out your wedding in your head. You want a beautiful wedding and rightly so, you should have the wedding you dream of. But my question to you this morning is; can you afford it? With the estimated costs of weddings being around R80000 for around 80 guests, weddings don’t come cheap even if you’re having it at home. Truth is; a massive budget is a huge advantage. However if you’ve a limited budget then some of the weddings you see on magazines are not realistic.

Wedding costs can leave you feeling worried, shocked and feeling like the whole world is on top of you. If you’re feeling this way, don’t worry precious one. I’ve four tips that will help you figure out your way round wedding costs. So let’s get right into it:

shocking wedding costs

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Tip1: Invest in a good wedding planner even if it’s only on the day of coordination. They are worth the money because they have wealth of information, contacts and they know tips and tricks of all thing weddings.

The wedding industry is well connected. Every wedding planner knows at least ten or more other people within the industry and can connect you with the right suppliers, who would stop at nothing to make sure your wedding is a beautiful experience for you and your guests. They can help with stationery, venue stylish/decorations and give you simple, doable suggestions.

Tip2: The guests who expect to eat malamogodu at your swanky venue should probably stay off the list. The main cost of your wedding will no doubt be food and drink. This is the one area you’ll probably spend the most money on. As well as paying venue hire fees, you’ll have to pay for the food per head (most venues do this). The only way to make sure you’re not out of pocket is to extremely trim your guest list to a minimum.
Shocking Wedding Costs                                                                 Image Credit: Knot Just Pics

Tip3: Before you DIY ask around first, do your calculations and who knows you might just be surprised by your findings.

The DIY route is not necessarily the cheapest route. I remember when I was getting married, I insisted on making my own flowers (back then I had no idea how to preserve, keep or arrange flowers, thankfully I know better now). They turned out okay however on the morning of the wedding they looked terrible. I found out a few days later that had I gone to a florist I wouldn’t have paid as much as I did. Think about it…florist will have all the containers needed for your centerpieces and flowers however if you DIY you’d have to buy or hire them.

Tip4: Just know that weddings are not about money. They’re about you and your partner. “If at the end of the day your married to the love of your life then everything went perfectly”

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