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Hi, my loves. The weekend is just around the corner and I ‘m excited for everyone getting married this weekend. If that’s you, congratulations and remember to enjoy your day. If you are still planning and have flower girls and page boys then let me introduce you to JenniDezigns .

JenniDezigns is an online, kids boutique that will deliver your order to your doorstep. Even if you are not planning a wedding and have special kids in your life, these cute outfits from JenniDezigns are perfect for that little someone in your life. JenniDezigns use authentic shweshwe print sourced right here in Mzansi. How about a matching outfit for you and your little one. I often see matching adorable mom and daughter outfits from other countries on Pinterest and often wonder where’s the shweshwe print for kids to represent Mzansi. Well, JenniDezigns are here to serve us with all the inspiration we need for the little ones.

In their own words, JenniDezigns said

“With the fabulous new ShweSwhe colours and prints you are bound to find the perfect match to the colour scheme for your special day.

With so many things to think of, not least of all matching the adult bridal party outfits, it’s often the little people who get left to the last minute.JenniDezigns’ iSikathi ‘Occasion’ Collection [1] makes sure this does not happen. With a variety of styles for both girls and boys, and service to match up the ShweShwe prints to your colour scheme, the little people will get their own moment to stand out!”

Check out their iSikathi ‘Occasion’ Collection click here or shop their other collections today on their website!


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