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Sibusiso And Thuli’s Love Story


Morning Gorgeous Reader

Today’s post is not a wedding but a beautiful story of precious resilient love. It’s my baby brother and his bride to be, Thuli’s story. I can’t believe my baby brother has decided to do away with being a bachelor and has gone on to find the ONE who makes his heart sing.


So I asked Thuli to share their journey from begin to the altar. Who better to share the joys, struggles, frustrations and triumphs of wedding planning than a bride to be. She’ll be writing articles on her experience as a bride to be so let’s make her feel welcome by leaving a comment or sharing on facebook.

Go on Thuli, spill!

Sibusiso and I met 8yrs ago at church, we were still students at the time. He asked me to be his girlfriend a year after we met and for some reason I refused and made excuses about school and staff,which was just a nice way of saying NO,well he said he will wait for me,but I believe that was just a nice way of saying ‘girl, get lost’.


2years after,he asked for my numbers and never called,a year after we met at a church function, said nothing to each other,not even hi,so the thought of us being together at that particular time was not in my mind at all.


We met again at a church concert after 2years of not communicating and seeing each other,I was an M.C there and he was just in the audience, that is where he caught my attention, he was very charming, and I was captivated so I kept on looking at him,something in me said ‘that is your man right there’. I guess that is why people say you just know when u meet the right person, I didn’t believe that though, I said to my self ‘there is no way this guy can be single’, and he says mean while he was also looking at me and thinking to himself ‘there is no way this woman can be single,I give up’.


I was really hoping he will ask for my cellphone numbers that day,but he did not,we didn’t even get to talk or at least greet each other, I went home very sad that evening, searched him on Facebook,couldn’t find him because I didn’t know his surname, so I also gave up,told myself if we are really ment to be together things will eventually fall into place.


A month later there was a church easter conference on a Sunday,he finally asked for my contacts,we started communicating,went on a few dates,and eventually we started dating,it was on the 16th of April when we started dating and well I have never been this happy in my life.He showed commitment from the start,in 2-3months of dating,we both knew we cannot be without each other, and we knew we wanna spend the rest of our lives together, and we told our families about us,everything seemed like it was moving too fast,but it felt so right.


On the 10th month of our dating he told me,he wants to pay lobola, because lobola is the most important part of marriage, traditionally.I was shocked, I felt it was too soon,but then I knew I love him and can’t imagine my life with any other man,so why not. I agreed,then he started the lobola negotiations with my family.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Thuli’s first article, more to come soon.

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  1. I enjoyed this first installment of their love story! Thank you for sharing.
    They were really meant to be after so many meetings and not exchanging numbers/not calling and still getting so many chances afterwards!

  2. Nokuthula Ngwenya says:

    Wow, I’m touched by this article. Indeed when you have found your other half you don’t look Back or doubt anything.

    I can’t wait for the next article 💖.

  3. Nokuthula says:


  4. Ayanda says:

    I am looking forward to the next one!! Nice concept.

    1. Ika says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment Ayanda, glad you’re looking forward to next one.

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