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A Simply Elegant South African Wedding

elegant south african wedding

A Simply Elegant South African Wedding

When a bride is an event manager, you know the wedding is going to be smashing. Lefase, today’s bride, planned, styled and decorated her entire day. Her style was simply elegant and judging from the images she nailed her look. Below, she tells us all about her journey. Enjoy!South african wedding

The Proposal Story
The plan was to go to Mauritius for my 28th birthday in 2015, so we gathered our travel buddies and planned the trip. Little did I know that what I thought was a birthday trip would turn into a proposal trip. Off we went to Mauritius and everyone knew it was a proposal trip except me and the other two girls because their boyfriends didn’t trust them with the secret. The one guy told his girlfriend because he was keeping the ring for my boyfriend at the time, just so that if she finds it she shouldn’t think he was proposing to her.

We woke up in the morning on the 13th March 2015 had breakfast and got onto a boat for what they call the Blue Safari and as per usual I got sea sick and all I wanted to do was jump off the boat. We got to a waterfall and I asked if we could get in and the tour guide was like “NO” and I went off at him saying “Then why did you bring us here?” at that moment my guy was busy proposing and I missed half the proposal because I was busy being myself…hahahahahahahahaha…..

Then after we got back onto land I found out he had bought the diamond in November 2014 and had the ring made in Jan 2015 and kept it all a secret. Yeah I cant trust him anymore….hahahahahahaha….
elegant south african wedding
The Planning Process
I’m an events manager so it wasn’t all that hard but I must be honest, it’s a lot more pressure when you are doing it for yourself…too many emotions involved. South african wedding

My family and his family got to do anything and everything that was cultural at our traditional wedding on the 19th September 2015. I didn’t even involve anyone in my wedding planning, everyone except my husband and I were invited as guests. That is how I avoided giving people the wedding of their dreams and gave myself the wedding of my dreams. elegant south african weddingelegant south african wedding A Simply Elegant South African Wedding 

Our Wedding in 7 Words
Breath Taking
Elegant South african wedding Elegant South african wedding Elegant South african wedding
Memorable Moment
My husband’s vows. I’m actually going to print and frame our vows for our house.

The Wedding Style
Not sure if it is really much of a style but….my motto was simplicity is always best.

The Dress
Went to delavida bridal boutique and that was the 3rd dress I fitted and didn’t want to fit anything else after that. I didn’t cry but I was emotional. elegant south african wedding

Biggest Investment
Nothing is really an invest when it comes to weddings… All you have after spending all that money is your rings, memories and most importantly each other. South african wedding

Enjoy every part of the journey because when you wake up the day after your wedding, it will all be over and you will not be able to redo it. And also don’t break the bank for a wedding, don’t get loans for a wedding. If your pockets aren’t ready, waiting is ok. I had my dream wedding and I don’t owe anyone anything and didn’t starve after the wedding. elegant south african weddingElegant South african wedding

The Creative’
Lefase Productions-0835007608
Delavida Bridal

Thank you Lefase for gracing the pages of Bontle Bride with your simply elegant South African Wedding. Highly appreciated.

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  1. […] Lefase kept it REAL by telling it like it is. Don’t break the bank for a wedding, don’t get loans for a wedding. If your pockets aren’t ready, waiting is ok. I had my dream wedding and I don’t owe anyone anything and didn’t starve after the wedding.” […]

  2. melody says:

    Beautiful wedding,

  3. What a beautiful wedding! I love the simplicity of it all.

    1. Ika says:

      Gorgeous isn’t it Lungi, Cheers for commenting

  4. Winnie says:

    I’ve been married for ten years now buti I just love weddings, and having Bontle bride sending me all the wedding pics and the planning I feel like I can do it over again# Wedding are beautiful

    1. Ika says:

      Oh wow, that’s lovely to know Winnie. If you do decide to do it all over again, I’d be happy to feature you.

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