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Sound Advice From #2016 Brides

new jersey wedding

Happy New Year Precious Ones!
It’s finally here, #2017 in all its glory. I’m excited for every single experience and of course, weddings coming this year. If you’re new here and are looking for wedding inspiration then you’ve landed on the right blog. Look around here or here to get started.

Before we go any further, let’s recap on the best advice 2016 brides dished out. Because who better to give advice than the brides who have been there and done it. So let’s see what they had to say. I chose advice that I think is relevant and should be passed jersey wedding

First to give us wedded wisdom were the Kings. I remember thinking I’d love to hang with this couple for a day. They are so wise.
“During your engagement don’t just plan for the wedding, plan for your marriage. Discuss expectations and go into the marriage with a sober perspective on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Don’t compare a strength of yours to his greatest weakness, it simply isn’t fair. Discuss the root of any concerning behaviours and identify coping strategies to grow alongside that person, despite those areas.”

kimberley wedding| South African wedding blogFrom A Royalty Kimberley Wedding, Nicolene said something that resonates with so many of us.
“Firstly pray. It’s not about the size of the wedding or the amount of money you spend. Yes, weddings tend to be expensive but focus on what makes you and your partner happy and not what makes your parents or friends happy. The day is about the 2 of you and your commitment before God. So make sure you are in agreement with each other and with God, that way you’ll have peace in your heart. Which you’ll realise is the greatest gift. Remember the real work in the relationship starts after the big day, not on the big day.”

Loved Mario and Alexis advice from their Pretty Cape Town Wedding.
“Enjoy every moment of your big day and DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! Also, your guests won’t remember half the details of your wedding but they will definitely remember how they felt on the day!”

From Stunning Wedding At Velmore Hotel Estate, this couple reminded us to trust the suppliers.
“You have spent many months with various key people planning your day; you have entrusted key people to run the show on the day. Trust that those people will do a good job, sit back and enjoy the day as a couple. Remember that whatever you see going wrong, you see it because you know how events should be panning out but 90% of the guests don’t know. The events of the day go so quickly….we were fortunate that we had a strong support team which made sure that we get a few minutes, where we could just be the two of us and take everything in.”

elegant south african weddingLefase kept it REAL by telling it like it is.
Don’t break the bank for a wedding, don’t get loans for a wedding. If your pockets aren’t ready, waiting is ok. I had my dream wedding and I don’t owe anyone anything and didn’t starve after the wedding.”

xhosabrideEffortless Xhosa Bride And Groom, This couple kept it short and simple.
“Try not to panic. It takes time and drains you. Pray, fast, save and research.”

Modern South African WeddingA Modern South African Wedding
“The actual wedding day is much shorter than the time spent planning it. So have fun and enjoy every moment of your wedding day. Remember it is your day and that day will never come again, so focus on each other more. Your wedding coordinator(s) will make sure that your guests are attended to and that everything you need is sorted.”

Xhosa Zambian wedding\ AdviceXhosa Zambian Wedding
“Plan as early as you can! Remember that this is a union that you are celebrating! So do exactly that and celebrate it! Not everything will go your way on the actual day, so don’t allow it to affect you negatively. If it isn’t working, don’t push it, hey! There is always a lot of pressure from so many angles, do not allow it to get to you, it isn’t worth it. Have fun!”

ndebele and setswana wedding\ AdviceNdebele And Setswana Wedding
“Have fun, don’t sweat the small stuff, and make sure you thoroughly enjoy your day. Photos are also very important as they capture the moments forever, so don’t skimp out on the photography budget.”

PEDI WEDDING\ AdviceZulu And Pedi Wedding
“Save up and try stick to your budget, include your relatives in the planning and delegate tasks. But most importantly enjoy the process. I am so honoured to have gone through this right of passage.”

Last but not least is Mbo and Sma. Although, It wasn’t their wedding day I shared, they said something I think many of us should remember.
“Approach your marriage as though it’s a marathon not a sprint, pace yourself or you will wear each other out. Keep the fire burning in the bedroom… It’s called love making for a reason. *Laughs*”

If you’ve recently engaged, congratulations, let the fun of planning begin. I hope you’ll remember what these past brides said and remember to enjoy the journey. Mwha!

Photo Credits from the top; Marjorie Datuin Photography, Duwayne Photography, DK Photography, AndreM Photography, Lefase Productions,  Philly Mohlala, Christine Joy Harding, Thabang R Photography, Exquisite Moments Photography, Madoda Moses.

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