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South African Wedding Cakes

South African wedding cakes

I thought I’d share tasteful South African Traditional Wedding Cakes to make your Monday a bit sweeter today. Having a wedding cake for your wedding is something I think every couple should have. Plus it is widely believed that the cake represents the fruit of the womb and every tier represents a child(well… That’s what my grandmother told me). Our wedding cake had five tiers which basically means I should have five children, however, I’ve decided to stop at two. :) I’m not sure how my grandmother will react to my decision. Best not to tell her. You know how superstitious old people are. lolSouth African wedding cakesSouth African wedding cakesSouth African wedding cakes

South African Traditional Wedding Cakes have changed drastically from the time I was getting married. I see more and more cake designers creating mouth-watering and artistic cakes. From traditional pots, feathers, beads and many other striking details, South African Traditional Wedding Cakes have evolved. Cake designers and makers keep coming up with many shapes and styles that are just delightful to eat and look at. Here are  a few favourites to inspire you.South African wedding cakeSouth African wedding cakes

Callicious Cakes

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, Photo by FO Photography via Knots Villa

Charnell Timms

Cake Coach

Izzy’s Cakes

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