South African Wedding Decor- Branches

It’s not often that we get to post an article in the afternoon. We’re super excited about today’s post because it features the one aspect of weddings that is our favourite. Before we started blogging, we were wedding planners and the only part we enjoyed about running that business was planning the layout of receptions and decorating venues. Your guests will spend most of their time in reception space, therefore, it’s good to make it look stunning.South African Wedding Decor- Branches

How many of you remember the popular trend of the rustic weddings? This trend served up beautiful wedding decorations that we’ve ever seen. For those of you who have just started the wedding planning journey and have no clue what that trend is; the short answer is that it’s a period in weddings where brides were almost DIYing their entire wedding(s).South African Wedding Decor- Branches

South African Wedding Decor- Wedding Branches

This trend had many creative ideas brought to life. We’ll admit though some ideas like mason jars that came with this trend should be left in the past. However, there are affordable decor accessories that would still turn heads and look like a spectacle in your wedding reception today. Such as branches.

We love branches because they are versatile. You can use them as table centrepieces or hanging from the ceiling. They will make any venue look spectacular. The key to adding that luxurious feel is to use as many branches as you possibly can.South African Wedding Decor- BranchesSouth African Wedding Decor- BranchesSouth African Wedding Decor- Branches

You don’t have to be a famous designer to create beautiful decor arrangements. You can rope in your bridesmaids to help. They are there to make the planning journey easier for you. I’m sure if you put your heads together you’ll come up with something seriously stunning.

Don’t be afraid to create something that’s never been seen, go wild, go crazy and come up with something AMAZING! South African Wedding Decor- Branches

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