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starting out photographersMorning my Preciousness! Today’s post is a bit controversial as many people might not agree with me but I feel so strongly about this that I had to write this post. I was recently thinking about starting out photographers and how their services could benefit couples on a low budget. I can hear you asking why couples should trust starting out photographers, for all you know they might just be taking you for a ride. I know couples might be wary and to be honest no one wants to be experimented on especially on the biggest day of your life.

Even the most experienced of photographers had to start somewhere. I bet most photographers, if not all will remember the first wedding they did. It takes years of experience to be the best, which is why experienced photographers don’t come cheap. I truly believe, if given half the chance couples could benefit from using the services of starting out photographers.apprentice_wedding200.JPG

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you book the first starting out photographer you come across. Of course you have to be cautious.

So if you do decide to take a leap of faith and hire a starting out wedding photographer here are a few things you can do to make sure your selected photographer is on point on your wedding day.

Ask them to do an engagement shoot: They will most probably do it for free or next to nothing with no obligation to hire. After the engagement session you will able to judge whether or not their work is satisfactory.

Make them feel at ease: Nerves might get the better of your photographer. I have seen it happen to the best of singers as good as they are if they are nervous they struggle to hit their notes and the performance is unbearable. (I am not saying nerves will get the better of your new photographer but it could happen). So to avoid nerves you could take them for a stroll around the venue/s so that they can familiarize themselves with the venue and maybe practice a few shots while you are there.

Make sure they are clear about their abilities: Unfortunately there are a few minority with a bad attitude and a terrible business sense who make promises they cannot deliver.

Trust Your Gut Feeling: If for some reasons you are unsure whether or not to book a starting out photographer then don’t. Trust your instincts and do what feels right for you.

Every photographer has their own way of working and styles differ from photographer to photographer. So be at ease and trust that they will deliver. One thing I know about new photographers is the fact that they are trying to build a reputable name for themselves therefore they will pull out all the stops to make sure they deliver more than what’s expected of them.

Another point to remember is the potential to save: Starting out photographers are always looking to gain experience, so some will be offering to photograph your entire day for FREE in return to use your photos for advertising purposes, so if you have a tight budget they are worth considering.

Photo Credits: Digital Camera World

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