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Steven Khalil 2015 Bridal Collection

stevan khalilMorning Darlings! How are you, it feels like forever since I’ve posted a post, even if it’s only been 10days or so. See I’m used to keeping a strict schedule but life just got in the way. I had so many things to sort out with the back end of the blog and I wish I could tell you everything’s fine but it’s a mess. However I’m hopeful things will get back to normal in the next couple of days. Trying to balance life, love, the blog and looking after children can be quite tricky. I’m still learning how to be good at everything, something I hope to perfect very soon. LOL who am I kidding? It’s never going to be perfect is it? Nobody’s perfect right.

Today’s post is all about couture and lace. Throughout ages lace has been a favorite not only for royalty but for important people or should I say celebrities, right down to the ordinary girl next door. Granted not everyone likes couture or lace (not sure why in the world one would hate couture or lace) but for those of you who simply adore both, get ready to be taken to heavenly couture places.

I see gorgeous dresses all day, everyday but Steven Khalil’s couture wedding dresses are simply  gorgeous. Timeless, elegant, beautiful are words I think would describe these dresses very well. Oh and that veil on the first picture, simply divine. I don’t think it gets better than this. It takes skill, an artistic eye and years of hard work to produce this level of perfection. I honestly think Steven Khalil got it spot on with this collection.steven Khalilsteven khalil4

steven khalil5stevan khalil6steven Khalil 3These dresses start at $8000 and there are currently NO stokists in the UK or South Africa. So if you love these dresses and would like to walk down the aisle in any of them, you’ll have to contact Steven Khalil directly on this link

Image Source: Steven Khalil


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