Stunning Sepedi Lobola Celebration At Home

Before, I begin with this stunning Sepedi lobola celebration let me let you in on a little secret. Bontle has just started a brand new facebook group. The purpose of the group is to have meaningful conversations about weddings in general, traditions, culture, expectations and life after getting married. It’s also a place where you can ask suppliers questions or ask for recommendations if you’re planning a wedding. Click here to join the community. I hope to see you there.

I love it when I receive submissions from readers of the blog. Kone; our featured bride is a regular on the blog. Therefore it’s only right that I feature her traditional wedding today. I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart when I hear that you read the blog. It makes me feel like Popeye after eating spinach. I feel like I can take on anything and it fires me up to continue inspiring you.Gorgeous Sepedi Lobola Celebration At Home

I wish Kone and her husband would have taken more pictures; their traditional wedding was everything. Anyway all is not lost as there’s a white wedding coming up, so hopefully, we will all get to see it on the blog.Gorgeous Sepedi Lobola Celebration At Home

The Proposal
He actually proposed to my mother, that’s when he asked for my hand in marriage in December 2017. We had just come back from a family vacation.Gorgeous Sepedi Lobola Celebration At Home

The Planning
At the end of February, the Lobola negotiations were finalized and the date of the ceremony was set for the 7th of April 2018. We literally had 2 months to plan and execute the whole ceremony. March the 18th the day after our 5th anniversary he proposed, blindfolded me and gave me 4 roses which each rose symbolized each year of us being together and he then emphasized more on our journey, on the 5th rose he removed the blindfold. He had prepared a romantic indoor picnic, gave me my glass of champagne & he went down on his knee. I cried it was such a surprise because we had decided there’s no need to get rings for our Lobola ceremony but he actually did what I had secretly wished for and got me a ring before the ceremony.Gorgeous Sepedi Lobola Celebration At Home

One Thing They’d Change
I wouldn’t change anything, everything was perfect the way I had planned it, everyone was happy, the atmosphere was filled with overflowing love, the food was delicious and wedding songs were sung and trumpets were also featured to set the mood.

I was a bit nervous because the weather forecast had shown rain but our prayers helped a lot, the sun was shining.Gorgeous Sepedi Lobola Celebration At Home

The Future
We are planning to have a very intimate (very few guests) ceremony which symbolizes our own version of a “white wedding”
A modernized wedding with a touch of tradition, I can’t say more.Gorgeous Sepedi Lobola Celebration At Home

We are looking forward to growing old together, drowning in the love we share together and just enjoy the journey and union orchestrated by GOD.Gorgeous Sepedi Lobola Celebration At Home

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    lee says:

    lol – like all the other pages , I thought I would see were she got the attire and photographer.

    I have exactly 37 days for our ceremony, I love her hat and the last picture

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