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Stunning Umabo Ceremony By Knot Just Pics

umabo ceremony

It’s a wedding feast here on the blog today. I’m sharing one couple’s two very different weddings which happened to be on the same day. I’ve blogged this wedding in two parts. I felt one post wouldn’t do it justice. So let’s feast on the Umabo ceremony first.

Beautifully captured by Knot just Pics, the Umabo ceremony of Silindo and Siyalo’s has just made me appreciate traditional weddings even more. They had their ceremony at home and the white wedding at the stunning Netherwood venue in KZN. How they pulled it all off in one day is a mystery to me.

It’s a common practice in South Africa for couples to have two weddings but never on the same day (had to put that in there for our friends across the pond lol)umabo ceremonyumabo ceremony

umabo ceremonyumabo ceremony

umabo ceremonyumabo ceremonySo what is Umabo ceremony? It’s a traditional Zulu wedding, where a few traditional practices are performed and the bride is introduced to her in-laws and ancestors. I’ve already written about Umabo in great detail here. Just in case you needed a bit more information about traditional Zulu weddings.

umabo ceremonyumabo ceremonyThere are many reasons as to why the Umabo ceremony takes place. It differs from family to family. Most families however believe that if the Umabo ceremony doesn’t take place, the ancestors don’t recognise Makoti (the bride); and can therefore prevent her from having children, cause difficult relations between both families and in some cases cause the marriage to end. A bit extreme but true.

umabo ceremonyumabo ceremonyumabo ceremonyI hope you loved this gorgeous Zulu wedding as much as I did. It’s so refreshing seeing many African brides celebrating their cultures without feeling ashamed. I hope in future we’ll be seeing more and more weddings like this all over magazines and wedding blogs. How awesome would it be to see a bride like Silindo on a cover of a major magazine(not not mention any names) “clears throat”. I think all types of brides should be celebrated and cultural weddings should get more press than they’re currently getting.

umabo ceremonyumabo ceremonySilindo my dear I take my hat off to you. You are a testament to the fact that a beautiful bride is not necessarily a pinterest bride. A beautiful bride is someone who is comfortable with who they are and is not afraid to show or share that with everyone. Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us. Mwah!!!

To see all photos from Silindo and Siyalo’s Umabo celebration, click here

Behind The Lens: Knot Just Pics

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  1. Such a beautiful wedding! I love all our traditional customs and practices as Zulu people. I infact love traditional weddings more than the white weddings…all the singing, dancing, the food 🙂

    1. Ika says:

      Thank you Lungi, I agree traditional weddings are beautiful and so much fun. I prefer both though.

  2. I love this! Absolutely beautiful! I would love to see weddings like this featured more frequently. My husband’s family is from Ghana and they included some beautiful traditions in my wedding celebration.

    1. Ika says:

      It would definitely be nice to see cultural weddings more often. Thanks for commenting Camile. Highly Appreciated

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