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A Stunning Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In Shweshwe

A Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In Seshweshwe

Happy Thursday Everyone

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Today’s wedding features a bride in shweshwe print and tulle skirt. We think any print (shweshwe is our favourite, just don’t tell other cultures) and tulle is a sweet recipe for a stunning wedding dress. ENJOY!

“My family played such a crucial role in this wedding. I am so humbled with their support as well as my friends who traveled from so far to share our day with us.”

“We met on IG. We had a mutual friend and at the time I had a public account. Our friend liked one of my photos and he obviously got notified and also liked the photo. It pretty much started there. We went from liking each others photos to following each other, commenting on photos and eventually he slid into my DM’s. Two years later, we’re married.

We spoke about the possibility of getting married and how it would work logistically. Little did I know that he had already bought the engagement ring. He proposed on the 8th of Jan 2017 at church, which is one of my absolute favourite places. He planned the proposal for weeks, with the help of my friends. It was amazing!!”A Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In Seshweshwe

A Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In Seshweshwe“We were so fortunate to find such amazing suppliers.

Dress – Sheriff’s Designs (Midrand) – Is a referral from my sister who used to work with him on a project.

Venue – We got married at Meriting Lodge in Kuruman (hometown). It had recently opened and my mother told me about them. They did the décor and food. It helped that everything was all in one place. It made the logistics of the wedding much easier. I had regular contact with the manager of the lodge and my mother went there often as I was in Pretoria at the time, just to see if all was well.

Make-up – Minky Mothabela (@minkypink) did an amazing job with my face, the bridesmaids and my mother. I found her on IG as well, we have a mutual friend. She was amazing to work with and really such a professional in her craft.

Photographers – Victor and Henny (@V.R Photography) were found by my husband. They are such professionals and pay close attention to detail. We had a pre-wedding shoot and we were able to give input in terms of the types of shots we wanted but also gave them free reign to wow us, which they did.

Cake – Gail Harris is a colleague of mine and trained chef as well. Gail baked a cake for a friend’s birthday and a wedding. She was the obvious choice. We had quite a few chats regarding look and taste of the cake. She offered to bring the cake all the way from Pretoria to Kuruman (at a fee of course) which was fantastic for me because I knew the cake would be in safe hands. She also assembled it at the venue.

Sound – Aro Sound (@AroSound) – run by two of my friends. They bought speakers, mics, laptop and a mixer to create just the right atmosphere for a wedding and party. I had also given them a brief regarding what music we wanted, they are quite in tune with their clients so they went above and beyond for us.”A Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In Seshweshwe

“We prayed a lot way before the wedding, the day before and on the day and the results were evident. Our wedding was such a love-filled day, there is nothing I would change. A Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In Seshweshwe

“I am Sotho and he is Pedi. Seeing that the wedding was taking place in my home, we had to wear Sotho. We decided on a modern traditional wedding, with our attires having traditional aspects and we had dancers during the reception as well. We asked our families to also incorporate the shweshwe material in their outfits which looked great.”

A Stunning Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In Shweshwe

“Pinterest was my favourite app during the planning. I saw the idea of the dress on the app and asked the designer to personalise it for me. It turned out gorgeous. Really took my breath away.”

“Getting married outside of Gauteng was one of the best decisions we could have made. It was cost-effective. The price for the venue, décor and food was what we saved quite a lot on.”A Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In SeshweshweA Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In SeshweshweA Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In Seshweshwe“Don’t let friends and family be too involved in the decision making part but do let them help and support you. Budget, keep track of what you pay for and don’t be consumed by the wedding planning process. Allow yourselves to have days where wedding talk is prohibited. And most importantly, pray. I cannot explain the peace that comes with praying. We could relax knowing that the Holy Spirit was at our wedding.”A Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In SeshweshweA Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In SeshweshweA Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In SeshweshweA Sunset Wedding Featuring A Bride & Groom In SeshweshweShweshwe

Photographer: Vicki.rendo Photography (@V.R Photography) Venue: Meriting Lodge (Kuruman) Dress: Sheriff’s Designs Make-Up: Miky Mothabela (@Minkypink) Suits: Sheriff’s Designs Décor/Venue Styling: Meriting Lodge Sound: Aro Sound (@AroSound) Cake: Gail Harris

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  1. This is so wimsical, knowing Seago from back in high school, and coming accross this feature. Breath of fresh air!!!!!!! You have always been such a sweet lady, I am getting goose bumps. You are an amazing lady and i am not surprised your wedding turned out this beautiful. I can feel the love just by looking at these pics. Seago is uzing with happiness. May the good lord bless your union.

  2. Vuyisa Magidela says:

    I was inspired by Mr Seta because of his fitness motivation ob instagram and decided to follow him.

    He is an amazing man I remember I said to him the day I get a partner I’d just instruct him to go through his ig and learn a few things haha!

    … And then I saw Seago on his picture 😍 and I fell in love with her, I immediately followed her too. She is effortlessly beautiful. She looks so humble, dignified and classy not to mention she got brains too.

    You guys are inspiring. Your story of how you both got to know each other is inspiring too. You both compliment each other and I’ve seen Ash too, you make good parents ❤ xx

    May God bless your marriage with pure happiness, joy and love. May he grant you growth in your united journey, help maximize the understanding of Forgiveness, Patience and Compromise.

    You guys deserve all the happiness there possibly is! Congratulations 💐 💐 💐…

  3. Love this wedding ceremony, and these photos are amazing, and thanks for your share

  4. Indeed a very beautiful wedding. Very simple yet so meaningful.

    Gorgeous couple. Congratulations and best wishes guys!

  5. Seta Maapola says:

    But my Wife is gorgeous though 😍😍😍

  6. Tubi says:

    So beautiful

  7. Mokgaetsi Mary 'Lilly' Maleka says:

    This is too beautiful

  8. Mary Phihlela says:

    Soo beautiful!!!! So blessed to have been able to witness your union!!! The most beautiful bride ever❤️❤️

  9. Lorato Wewe says:

    Wow this is beautiful ❤️😭

  10. Neka says:

    It was a beautiful wedding ,God Jehova and the holly spirit filled that place.I am blessed to have been a witness from engagement till the you

  11. Seago says:

    Love This!!!!!!!!

    1. Ika says:

      Thanks for sharing Seago, you made such a stunning bride.

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