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Seven Inspirational Bible Scripture Readings For Weddings

Hello  my preciousness. I hope your weekend was fab mine was okay.Today’s post is all about scripture readings for weddings. I don’t know about you but nothing inspires me more than reading the bible. I believe the Bible is the one book in the planet that people will never stop reading. From Genesis to Revelations, it’s  …


How To Create A Successful Wedding Using Five Senses

Have you ever wondered how celebrity planners create, plan and execute amazing weddings and events? Well the key is to use the main five senses collectively. Think about creating an experience and pay attention to details, it’s the small thoughtful little gestures that your guests will remember forever. Here is how you can incorporate sight, touch, smell, sound and taste to create one a of a kind event or wedding.How To Create A Successful Wedding Using Five Senses

Sight:The first thing that people see when they walk in. Create a memorable entrance. It doesn’t have to be expensive; you can have a waiter at the entrance holding a tray of chocolates or a signature drink.

Touch: when it comes to touch, ideas are endless. A simple change of table clothes, chair sashes or table runners can enhance the party feel for your wedding/event. Instead of having the normal folding chairs; hire chavaria chairs or ghost chairs.

Smell: blast your favorite scent from the entrance to the ceremony site and maybe key places in the dining space. The best scent will be one that goes with your flowers. Don’t over do it though, spray only the right amount.

Sound: play music that goes with the mood you want to create. Rock and roll is a no, no for a relaxed feel wedding/event. Think Jazz or sensual music

Taste: tickle your guest’s taste buds by creating a menu that goes with the mood and the feel of the wedding/event. I don’t know about you but everyone I know loves good quality food; so be creative about serving your food. I have noticed that in America most couples have food stations while waiting for their main formal sit down meal. You can have food stations of the top five countries that you have visited or would like to visit and serve each countries national dish. I assure you your guests will love it. Make sure you explain to your caterer exactly what you want and don’t forget to have a tasting session.

I hope this post has been helpful to you and if your planning a wedding take these tips into consideration and I’m sure you and your guests will have a great experience.

Image Credit:  via style me pretty

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