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The Most Stunning Bridal Bouquets

The most Stunning bouquets

There is a new trend happening in world of weddings. Not sure if the “industry people” will agree though but that’s okay everyone is entitled to their own opinions. From reading magazines and blogs I’ve noticed  brides are choosing the most stunning bridal bouquets like never before. So I thought I’d share a few I’ve seen which left me craving for more. I hope these will  inspire you to awaken the florist within you.

I know making your own bouquets can seem impossible but it’s not. One thing I’ve learnt when working with flowers is to experiment with different types of flowers. Sometimes unexpected flowers paired together produce the most exquisite bouquets.

If you’re not creative, please don’t let that worry you, we’re all creative in one way or another.Just google basic flower arranging ideas and you’ll be one step there. Better still you could enroll on a one day bridal floral course. I know for sure this type of course is available at Milton Keynes Library and some florist shops.You can also search you-tube videos.

The Most Stunning Bridal Bouquets



The Most Stunning Bridal Bouquets


The Most Stunning Bridal Bouquets

The Most Stunning Bridal Bouquets

The Most Stunning Bridal Bouquets


The Most stunning bridal bouquets

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The Most Stunning Bridal Bouquets


For those of you who are on a tight budget, I hope these pictures have inspired you to at least try making your own bouquet. Who knows you might even come up with a new trend. If it doesn’t turn out beautiful, you can always go to your local florist.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, would you make your own bouquet?

Don’t forget to get in touch with your questions or queries, I promise I’ll answer before midnight.

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  1. I personally take flowers/bouquets too serious! I mean it’s an accessory on your big day so a good choice matters.

    Good post lovie.

    1. Ika says:

      Thank you for commenting Olivia, a good choice of flowers definitely matters

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