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The Royal Wedding

The royal wedding took place in what I consider the most magical, dreamy place in the world. I welcome the memories that were created this past weekend. If I were to describe what took place this past weekend I’d say history has been written. A fairytale is no longer a fairytale but a true story that I welcome with my hands wide open. Who would have thought that an ordinary girl next door (ok not exactly your average girl next, Meghan had her acting career and was famous already before Prince Harry showed up) would marry a Prince?

I have not always been a huge fan of the Royals until I moved to here. Ok, maybe a tiny bit because I admire the Queen ( Queen Elizabeth) greatly for her audacity and stammer and commitment to the British people.

This wedding was like no other. It was so different. It had all elements of a royal wedding and something significantly different. And I’m not talking about Mehgan’s race. A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE MADE IT ABOUT THAT. But I’m talking about the different, not so traditional elements to the wedding. For instance, her choice to walk herself down the aisle up to a certain point( who would have thought that the British Monarchy would allow that), Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon about love, his delivery was so passionate and unconventional. I can’t remember everything he said but his overall message was about love. The fact that love drives out all darkness and hate. And in my mind what stood out for me in his message is; LOVE is love and if we should all love each other a little more regardless of race or status we would all live a better world.

The Royal Wedding

Another one of my absolute favourite memory of that day is the song that was sang as Megham walked down the aisle. The singer (Elin Manahan) had such an angelic voice. Her voice is AMAZING! It sounded as if the heavens were in approval of this union.

Meghan’s dress was truly stunning. I know quite a lot of people felt it was way too simple. But there’s beauty in simplicity. I’m an advocate for brides having their weddings the way their heart desires. Therefore whilst her dress might have been a let down to some I think it was perfect for her. Besides she was wearing a tiara worth millions of dollars that in itself is a big statement. Her veil had a floral motif representing each of the 53 Commonwealth countries on it which I thought was a nice touch.

This royal wedding was truly upbeat. It wasn’t your normal royal wedding with political guests. I feel as if Meghan and Harry have laid a track and those that come after them must do more than they have done. And I’m sure they will because we won’t see another royal for at least two decades. And hopefully, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will turn it up even more. I hope they break all the boring and conservative ways and just be!

I can’t explain how seeing Meghan walk out of the escort car, climb up the stairs of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle to meet her future husband made me feel. It made me believe in dreams again. It made think that all things are possible. Even when people write you off( divorced, older and from a different culture) their opinions of you don’t matter, what matters is what you say about yourself. Therefore WALK TALL, BE FIERCE, BE INSPIRING, LOVE AND LOVE like no one is watching and remember nothing is out of reach. Meghan and Harry are living proof that all things are possible.

WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 19: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave St George’s Chapel through the west door after their wedding in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. (Photo by Ben Birchall – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

The Guests: Best Outfits

I loved Meghan’s mom’s outfit and her low-key makeup look. Ms Doria Ragland( Meghan’s mom) is such a stunning woman. She looked overwhelmed by the occasion. I wanted to crawl inside my TV and just give her a hug. I think she handled herself extremely well considering the family dramas that took place prior to the wedding.

WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 19: Doria Ragland leaves St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle after the wedding of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. (Photo by Brian Lawless – WPA Pool/Getty Images)


Ok, Princess Mabereng Seeiso of Lesotho rocked shweshwe like the princess that she is. 

Yellow is my favourite colour and so when I saw Amal stroll down the slope of St Georges I was done.

Serena takes the crown for the most gorgeous fascinator of the day. 
After Amal, I loved Lady Kitty Spencer outfit. Everything about her outfit was stunning. She’s also a naturally beautiful woman.

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  1. 'Makuena says:

    I’m afraid ,Lesotho ‘s princess is not Seeiso !
    and that is not the princess!

    1. Ika says:

      Constructive criticism is the way to go, dear Makuena. If you think we are wrong correct us then!

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