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Three Basic Tips To Get Your Natural Hair Wedding Ready

I’ve been thinking of natural hair brides recently. I thought to myself what can I do to help all you lovelies with natural hair dilemas. In the past year, I had a Big goal to really take good care of my hair. I followed natural hair bloggers all over the internet (stalked a few, shhh! Aisha probably doesn’t know how helpful her site has been to me) and learned a few tricks and tips along the way. With that much learning, I discovered three basic tips to get your natural hair wedding ready.

Three Basic Tips To Get Your Natural Hair Wedding ReadyBefore I share my tips let me share my regime. To be honest, natural hair isn’t for everyone and to those of you with relaxed hair its okay, sweet precious. Excuse this post as it’ll be of no use to you. I’m not going to promise a post on relaxed hair because its been way too long since I’ve had my hair relaxed.

The Regime 

I wash my hair once a week, generally on Saturday(poor husband and the kids, the bathroom is on lockdown for quite some time on that day) 🙂

After washing my hair, I deep condition it. I’m very generous with my conditioner and I let it soak for a long time.

After deep conditioning, I like to put shea butter plus carrot oil. The reason I use both is because UK weather can be very harsh ( if you’ve ever been to the UK, you’d know how unkind the British weather can be to hair) on natural hair. So a little more goes a long way..jpgaisha my fro and i 13

Three Basic Tips To Get Your Natural Hair Wedding ReadyHaving shared my regime I want to share three basic tips to get your natural hair wedding ready.
Wash once a week: And only once a week. Shampoos have a tendency to causing dryness. So don’t over do it.
Moisturise: Hands down organic shea butter works wonders for natural hair. However, it has to be applied properly. Make sure your scalp soaks up as well. This will keep dandruff at bay. Protective styles such as weaves, braids and plaits should not be kept for more than a month. The reason for this is; although you can spray your hair with moisturising products the braids/plaits will soak up most of the product. Leaving your hair dry and flaky.
Invest in Good Products
Spending a little extra on a good product is without a doubt something you should consider. And a good product doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive product. There’s a whole lot of good products at reasonable prices. Don’t limit yourself to shampoos and conditioners only aimed at black hair. I’ve found tresemme (not sure if it’s available in SA though) to be very good.  So do look at other products as well. If you can’t afford to buy just create your own using natural products in your cupboards. I’m currently loving this recipe I made and it works well for my hair(a ripe avocado+ 1egg and olive oil).

So… there you have it, my two cents worth. I hope it helps

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