Tips For Creating A Perfect Dessert Table

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Its not just about the cake table anymore, dessert tables are the in thing right now in the wedding world and it looks like they are here to stay.  Like them or not they  add a cheerful element to the whole wedding. If done right  they can be the centerpiece of a reception. So here are five tips to creating a perfect desert table:Tips For Creating A Perfect Dessert Table

  • When creating a dessert table one thing I would advise couples to do is to plan, while its easy to put things together you don’t want to be baking the day before the wedding. A week ahead of the wedding is enough time to make and freeze your treats.Don’t worry about the quality they will still be fresh by the time you serve them.
  • Think about adding a backdrop for  your dessert table.  A backdrop will  give your table some depth and will add  interest
  • If you have to have different colored sweets place them in elegant customized containers that are different heights and shapes and goes with the mood or theme of the wedding . For customizing containers use paint or glitter, in fact there are so many arts and crafts materials you can use to create interesting and eye catching dessert tables. Another option is to wrap boxes in pretty wrapping paper and put containers on top of them to create different  levels.
  • Mix home made deserts with shop bought ones, marshmallows, chocolates and little cupcakes etc
  •  Consider adding other things like sour sweets, something salty like salted chocolate clemetine wedges and even a hint of spicy treats if possible. Don’t just focus on chocolate based deserts  remember some guests might have allergies so be  sure to include one or two gluten free /nut free choices.

I hope these tips have been helpful, please share on twitter,  facebook and google+. For more dessert tables check out this board from M.C.A.S on pinterest

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