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Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

Its the most exciting season of the year because many guys will be  preparing or  thinking about getting engaged.We often forget that guys get excited about getting engaged and married as much as we ladies do. So this post is dedicated to all my brothers out there who have finally decided to take the plunge. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect engagement ring.ENGAGEMENT RING6

Choice: I wish I could say that all girls love hugemangas diamond rings that shout louder than loud,  look at me I’m engaged but there are some girls that love different gem stones  like pearls, sapphire etc. The truth is that rings come  in different shapes and sizes. Make sure your fiancee will appreciate the ring. Find creative  ways of asking  her to describe her dream ring without her realizing your intentions..

Research: Do your research, learn about the four c’s(carat,color,clarity and cut) before you make appointments with jewelers. Shop around, ask questions and don’t buy the first ring that you see, you can always return to that particular jeweler. You can find info here about the the four C’s  PEARL ENGAGEMENT

Plan: When it comes to choosing your engagement ring planning is key. If you plan on making your engagement a secret then take one or two people that you trust with you. Make sure you take people that will be brutally honest with you about your choice.engagement ring 4

Budget: obviously your budget will determine the type of ring you choose. The cost of all engagement  rings depends on the metal, size  carat weight, color, clarity and cut.

Family: Get her family involved especially her dad, just out of respect for him, ask him for his blessings, I am sure your lady will appreciate your efforts.

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