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Tips On Where To Use Fabric Draping At Your Wedding Venue

There is just something simply beautiful about fabric drapes. Drapes  add elegance and sophistication to any venue and can hide a multitude of sins, when it comes to transforming an event  space. Some venues  need a lot more work than others. That is why you have to select your venue very carefully.wedding venue styling buckinghamshire Think about it , a beautiful venue that does not require a lot of decor will cost a bit more than a sports center that needs everything doing it. And although a sports center or a town hall might be cheap to rent transforming it can cost a lot of money. However  don’t worry if you have already booked a cheaper venue that looks nothing like you envisioned. There are a few things you can do to turn your venue into something glamorous like using fabric drapes.

Here’s  a few places you can  drape  to transform your venue.

Once Wed - DrapesHigh ceiling: High ceiling are perfect for draping especially if you want to hide exposed beams or unattractive ceiling metal. By the time your  finished, your venue will look unrecognizable. If  you cannot afford to hire a draping company use hundreds of paper lanterns or hanging lights.

Low ceiling: don’t even think about draping, it will make your venue look small and feel claustrophobic unless you hire a really good company to do it. Draw attention somewhere else, e.g Cake or Top table.

marquee drapes in buckinghamshire,  party doctorsWalls: not all venues are the same, some venues have beautiful marble walls and floors which are screaming to be seen because of their beauty but others have hideous walls that need to be hidden. When draping walls it is better to use a professional company  because it can be very complicated. If you cannot be bothered then I would suggest you go for a venue that doesn’t need wall draping.

Pillars: If your venue has pillars, don’t worry fabric draping is a perfect solution. It will make the pillars look like they were meant to be part of the decor design. Don’t forget that you can also use fabric draping to decorate your top table. The are no limits , use your imagination, be creative, you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with. Photo Credits: from the top: Once wedFlickr photo by Hoang, Party Doctors

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