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Top Wedding Photographers In South Africa

It’s no secret that wedding photography is one of the most important and expensive part of any wedding. I have seen too many gorgeous brides get it spot on with their chosen wedding photographers, but still there are those (myself included) who got it completely wrong. If only it was possible to go back in time and do things differently. Unfortunately that’s not possible. We had our chance and blew it. The only way we can redeem ourselves is by having our vow renewal.

wedding photography south africa 1To me wedding photography is about capturing moments and emotions that would have only existed in our memories. That is why you need to hire someone who knows what he/she is doing. You want to be able to look at your wedding photos 50years down the line and still relive the memories as if it was yesterday. 

Remember quality is better than quantity. I would rather you have 20quality photos than 100 poorly captured images. So if you are having a destination wedding in South Africa, here are Top 5 South African Wedding Photographers you should consider.

Nikki Meyer: If you’ve never heard of Nikki, where have you been? She is one of those photographers who literally capture your day perfectly producing images that will remind you of the wonderful memories of your day, decades after your wedding day. Her work is outstanding and I have had the privilege of featuring some of her work on this blog.wedding photography south africa2nikki Moira West: One of the best. Creative, an artist, and a master at what she does, don’t take my word for it,  go and have a look at  her website to see her incredible work.in
Michael Tree: By far one of my favorite. His work is world class and it is more than art.BEAUTIFUL WEDDINGS 25BEAUTIFUL WEDDINGS 16

Alana Meyer: Zimbabwean based, Alana is a genius at what she does. Her incredible work speaks for itself.alana meyer2wedding photography 5

EnhlePhotography: Carol is the woman behind the Enhle photography, her fun, modern style of photography is perfect for couples who are sophisticated and love all things luxurious.south africa wedding3real wedding4So there you have it. No excuses, choose a quality wedding photographer for your wedding. You deserve the best.Don’t compromise on photography, everything else is disposable but your wedding photos are forever.

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