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Traditional South African Wedding Dresses

Morning Precious! Bontle Bride is for couples who want to add a flavour of culture to their weddings. It doesn’t matter how far you’ll go to incorporate culture, this blog is here to serve you.

At present there are 11 official languages in South Africa and many unofficial ones. With these languages comes different cultures and to say each culture (though many have similarities) is interesting, intriguing, confusing is an understatement. Each one is unique and brings something different.

This got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be awesome to find wedding inspiration for your white and cultural wedding all in one place? I know it’d save you time and the dread of finding uninspiring sites that don’t have what your looking for. I cannot believe the lack of traditional South African wedding dress inspiration on google. Maybe it’s because there’s so many cultures, I’m not sure. I would have thought many cultures would be the very reason to have cultural wedding inspiration even more. So I’ve made it my mission to change that.

I’ve decided to showcase more traditional South African wedding dresses perfect for your cultural wedding. From next year (only a couple of weeks left, can you believe it?) I’ll be adding more cultural and western wedding ideas to the blog. I’ll be posting more wedding dress inspiration, floral tips with a flavour of culture and many more elaborate weddings.

Today though, I have the Sotho bride in mind. Don’t worry if you’re not Sotho your turn will come. If you’re Zulu, this wedding here is amazing. Xhosa brides this one here was most popular.

Bongiwe Wazala is the designer behind these dresses. Her dresses are beautiful beyond description. It’s the unique materials, her fashion style and her roots all communicated in her work that makes Bongiwe Wazala’s designs even more striking

So what type of bride wears Bongiwe Wazala: One word, Cultural

For more information and appointments contact Bongiwe Wazala house directly on 0113331098 or email [email protected]

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Hi! I'm Ika. Thank you for visiting Bontle Bride, a gorgeous space where I share exquisite weddings with a flava of culture.

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  1. Love this insight to traditional South African wedding dresses, a lot of them a really gorgeous!

    1. Ika says:

      Aren’t they just. Thanks for commenting Sarah.

  2. Wow! These are beautiful and not what you expect for a wedding dress! So much color.

    1. Ika says:

      Hey Shamira, thanks for stopping by.

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