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Traditional Xhosa Wedding With A Modern Twist

Happy new month my loves! Oh my days can you believe we are in December already? Seriously where did the time go. Years seem to just speed by. Anyhow let’s finish this year strong. It is now the perfect time to take stock and set new goals… Today’s wedding is from Busi and Loyiso. Their wedding style was Traditional Xhosa wedding with a modern twist. ENJOY

 traditional xhosaHow They Met And The Proposal

We met in church in the year 2015 when I had just moved to East London from PE. We became good friends as we are both in the music ministry. He is a Pianist and I sing. 2016 and 2017 we became really good friends and I met his mom and some members from his family, and he met mine. I could see the signs, and he really was not shy even admitting that he wants to make me his wife. traditional xhosa

January 2018 I received a call from our pastor saying someone has asked for permission to take me as a wife (following the church procedure). I wasn’t sure if it was him as he denied it when I asked him if he was the guy the pastor was talking about. When I arrived at the mission house for the meeting with my pastor and the unknown guy, I froze when I saw him enter as I was the first to arrive. To cut a long story short, the pastor gave us space to talk. Loyiso declared his love and plans and I said Yes. Only then I could tell my family to arrange for Lobola Negotiations :after that the engagement followed. We planned an engagement lunch inviting our families, pastors and close friends and decided that only then he would put the ring on in their presence. traditional xhosa

The Family and Culture

Both our families were excited for us. They did most of the planning and even catering for my Bridal shower and wedding day. During the lobola negotiations the families agreed that we would have one big celebration in my husband’s home town Mount Frere where both the families would be part of the celebrations. This helped cut costs, as in a normal situation we’d have a wedding at the brides home and do a traditional wedding and umembeso the following day at the Groom’s home. traditional xhosa

The Wedding

It was also my 26th Birthday so the entire day was absolutely beautiful. My family woke me up with a birthday song, wishing me well on my birthday and new marriage journey. My mom, helped in dressing me and that was special as it reminded both of us of the precious moments we’ve had while I was growing up being her only daughter.  traditional xhosa


Deciding on the theme was easy for us. We knew from the get go that we wanted to represent our Xhosa culture in a modern way hence we named the Theme: Traditional meets Modern. We had a modern elegant look in the morning then a proper traditional

xhosa wedding for reception. traditional xhosa
Wedding Look x2
With the best of both (Modern and traditional) I entered the matrimonial, and we exchanged the vows. I was dressed in a white Mermaid gown to show my curvy hips and small figure. It was hand- stitched beads and flowers and my husband Loyiso
wore a Burgundy suit with drawn prints to match my dress. I have to mention my burgundy sandals that matched his elegant suit. The Modern Xhosa look was custom-made by a lady we know from our church Percy M. We did not have bride’s maids so it was easier to succeed on our looks. traditional xhosa
 traditional xhosaFavourite Moments
Having the best of white wedding and Xhosa wedding experience all in one day was the best decision for us. We saved on catering, decor, traveling and band. We included my Birthday celebration at the start of the reception program. My husband said a few words and gave me a gift (Watch that matches my wedding ring). Birthday Cake. It was awesome. We do feel like we had the BEST of BOTH and MORE.
After the wedding I was then dressed in a makoti gear and was given a New name
Limise Mlobeli by my husband’s family.
The Décor
Done by my husband’s high school teacher, simple and beautiful, she went with our traditional meets modern theme, showing the burgundy, black and white colors.
Photography by nayfulpictures

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