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Tshego And Ike’s Breathtaking Wedding Part 2

I promised to blog this wedding in two parts because the second dress was nothing short of amazing. You can view the first part here. Rich factory is one of my favourite fashion houses and to be honest I’m slightly obsessed with the owner; Rina shhh don’t tell her. Her designs are full of colour and the women that wear them are QUEENS. Tshego like most of Rich Factory brides wanted something custom made just for her and boy oh boy Rina and her team delivered.

The Love Story

From Ike: “I knew Tshego from 2008 at varsity through friends, she was this girl who had a serious look and not approachable. I had a serious crush on her but I was young and full of life so I didn’t have the energy and strength to approach her. I later met her in 2009 in Rustenburg where I was a graduate and coincidentally she came for training in the same shaft. During her tenure in the shaft, I realized that my feelings for her are deep. I decided to try and befriend her by trying to teach her mining activities. It was a difficult step for me to take as she had this unapproachable face and she hardly spoke or laughed. But through a friend called Phiri who was her supervisor I managed to engage her and we got along during the training period.”

Tshego And Ike’s Breathtaking Wedding Part 2

“I later started offering her transport to work and we managed to get along very well but still didn’t have the strength to tell her that I had feelings for her. After few weeks of going out together, we finally became an item and that’s where it all started.

A lot of things happened in our relationship which tested the strength of our relationship but through her strength and support, we managed to overcome all of them. Her presence in my life brought hope and joy into my life. In her, I’ve found a mentor, coach, wife and a friend I never had. Through her life, I learned commitment and discipline. It is for these reasons that I will love her to infinity and beyond.”


From Tshego: “It all started 9 years ago when Ike walked into the Anglo offices where we were both about to begin our on the job training. I already knew him from our days at UJ, but he was one of those guys I didn’t like from a distance. I thought he was just too forward for my liking. That morning when he walked through those training Centre doors, my heart started beating very fast and skipping a beat now and again.

When I look back to that day I think that was my heart falling fast and deep in love with the man I once disliked because I didn’t know him.

From that day as we continued with our training he would teach me about all the mining stuff he knew as we made our way underground for more training. I still felt he was too much. I guess it was my way of trying to trick my heart from falling in love with him. He didn’t stop there, from short mining lessons to him offering a lift to work and back. Just when I thought he was too much Ike started writing me long sweet messages and love letters which I would just shove under my pillow (to read them when I couldn’t sleep).

Before I knew it we were on our first date at Dros Rustenburg. We started to date officially on the 5th November 2009 and the first present he bought me was the smallest bottle of Diesel cologne that fitted in his pocket. I couldn’t believe it when he took it out. I thought to myself, there is a lot I need to teach this man of mine. That’s when I showed him that next time put it in a nice box an wrap it neatly and nicely. It doesn’t matter how small the item, the presentation is key.”RICH factoryRICH factory

Bontle Bride: Lol

“In 2010 he introduced me to his Aunt Violet and if you know Ike you know how important that meeting was to him. I guess it went well because a year later he introduced me to his mother.

In 2012 we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Kganya. We saw it fit to name her Kganya the light of our lives. Our beautiful miracle baby.

He proposed in 2014 when we were on a romantic getaway in Cape Town. We took a cable car to the top of the mountain. We were walking together up the cliffs to overlook the entire Cape Town scenery and ocean view. As I was taking a picture of the breathtaking view Ike was behind me. He was quiet and all of a sudden I look down to see his shadow kneeling down. At that moment he grabbed my hand and said ‘Baby’ with a nervous quiver to his voice. I turned around to see him down on one knee with a box in his hand and I immediately burst into tears. It was in that moment he asked me if I would marry him. Of course, I said YES!!”RICH factory

 RICH factory“I said yes because he brings out the best in me. I am myself when I am with him. He loves my never-ending crazy stories. I said yes because he supports my every venture and watches with pride as I achieve my goals. I said yes because he is family oriented and I have no doubt that he will be the best father to our kids and husband. I said yes because of his strong character and his unmatched sense of humour. Most importantly I said yes because I love him to infinity and beyond. I love my “Mmina tau ya mariri, short man from the North. The only man I know who walks up straight in a 0.9 m stope height without hustle.” as he would praise himself.” RICH factory

Photography Exquisite Moments

Dress: RICH factory

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