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Tuelo Nguyuza Bridal Collection

TUelo Nguyuza Collectiv Bridal Range

Tuelo Nguyuza Bridal Collection

Hey lovely! I hope your weekend was a blast. It’s been a lazy one for me. The kids had their friends over and Mr K looked after them for the most part. He has the patient of a saint when dealing with toddlers. Snow’s been falling but not really setting. So we haven’t had a chance to play in it. I’ve given up on seeing it on the roads. I know its a little selfish of me to wish for snow on the roads but it looks lovely. Anyhow I guess its a good not to have it, because it creates a mess when it melts and it gets extremely cold. Mind you its cold right now. But I’m happy summer is around the corner. This weather is depressing. Luckily Tuelo Nguyuza Bridal collection is like a ray of sunshine.

Tuelo Nguyuza Bridal Collection

I get way too excited when I come across designers with a passion for dressing fashionable women in stylish, carefully thought of African dresses. I literally feel like a kid in a sweet shop. Tuelo Nguyuza is such a designer. I love the attention to detail in his dresses. The bold use of colours and the modern spin on traditional wear is gorgeous.Tuelo Nguyuza Bridal Collection

Each and every one of these dresses is seriously gorgeous. If you’re thinking of wearing a traditional dress with a modern twist then check out Tuelo Nguyuza Bridal Collection.Tuelo Nguyuza Bridal Collection

Tuelo Nguyuza Bridal CollectionTuelo Nguyuza Bridal Collection

Tuelo Nguyuza Bridal CollectionTuelo Nguyuza Bridal CollectionTuelo Nguyuza Bridal CollectionThe Creative’s
Designer : Tuelo Nguyuza
Models : @gail_mabalane, @sarahlanga, @bucienqwiliso
Photography : According To Jerri  
Makeup : @phumlamab
Accessories : @ntozinhle_accessorize

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  1. This is such a lovely collection! I especially love the white one on Gail and the one that Sarah Langa is wearing.

    1. Ika says:

      Isn’t it just. Thanks for reading Lungi:)

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