Veluz Reyes 2014 Collection

 Veluz Reyes 2014 CollectionGood Evening Precious. Anybody who knows Pure Wedding Blog will tell you that obsessing over gorgeous details is what we love to do. The main aim of the blog is to help make each wedding beautiful and glamorous by bringing inspiratioal wedding dresses straight to your inbox .

The new collection from Veluz Reyes is both glamorous and elegant. It is wonderfully gorgeous. One thing about Veluz that impresses me most, is the fact that she’s way too dedicated to her work. She delivers the most gorgeous wedding dresses without disappointment and that’s the reason why I love her so much. Oh! and her dresses are very affordable. 

The 2014 collection  is full of  details that makes my hearts sing a cute little melody of joy. OK maybe that’s going a bit over the top but who can blame me, the  collection is simply stunning.

 Veluz Reyes 2014 Collection

It is hard to believe that this is her second bridal collection. If you haven’t already heard or seen her amazing creations,where have you been.Click here for more.

I knew the 2014 collection was going to be something special but I never anticipated how awesome it would be.  It is remarkable to see the attention to details that  has gone into creating these beautiful wedding dresses. Oh my, we cannot wait to see what Veluz Reynes will come up with next season. Veluz Reyes 2014 CollectionHere’s what Veluz had to say about her new collection:
“This collection is exactly how I want to see that bride, full of life and so in love — soft, sparkling details that enhance, opulence of taffeta in that simple skirt, purity of white amidst the sea of creams and those floral details that are so familiar yet so fresh.” Veluz Reyes 2014 Collection

Veluz Reyes 2014 Collection


For more on Veluz gorgeous collection check here and there is a pretty captivating video of the new collection there

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