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wedding chair decorationNormally when couples book their wedding venues they never take into consideration the type of chairs that particular venue is providing. It might seem like no big deal but if you plan to have an elaborate or simply classy wedding you need to think about every little detail including the overall look of the venue.  If the venue provides you with less desirable chairs and you don’t know how to make them look fabulous then you have landed on the right post. I promise it won’t be long. So what options are there for couples looking to make their chairs look elegance.wedding chair decor2

I have noticed, most brides go for the tie back sashes. To be honest I have never been a fan of chair sashes but I realize that there are brides out there who love to have them. In this day and age there are fabulous designs that you can incorporate into your chair covers design and make them look a bit more desirable. I hate to say it  but tie back bow chair sashes can look  tacky if not done well.  In my humble opinion I think it’s time we moved on from them. I think sashes have run their course and maybe someday someone will reinvent a new way to make them look more desirable (sorry sash lovers).

chair cover ideasThere are so many options out there, like the  beautiful chavari chairs or ice chairs that you can hire that look amazing and you won’t have to have chair sashes,  you can simply  have chair cushions that match your color scheme. If you cannot afford to hire chavari or ice chairs, you can simply leave your chair covers as they are(less is more) or come up with imaginative playful or more formal  ideas like  in the pictures above. You can just about use anything from ribbons, flowers,  fabric, pearls to diamantes.how to decorate your wedding chairs

I live in hope that some day  hotels and venues will provide brides with beautiful chairs like chavari chairs, ghosts chairs, ice chairs and so on.  These chairs are beautiful and  don’t need much doing to them.

Photo Credits: confettie daydreams, style me pretty and pinterest

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